Inventive Yearbook Marketing: Photo Bookmarks to Sell More Copies


When you need new and creative yearbook marketing ideas to promote your publication, it’s easy to get stuck trying to reinvent the wheel. While the traditional posters and flyers of years passed will certainly remind students to get their orders in, there’s something to be said for coming up with a totally new concept that really catches the attention of your campus. And when you’re after an idea that’s as simple to implement as it is hip and cool, I’ve got a great one for you: an easy-to-distribute bookmark that channels Instagram inspiration! If that just piqued your interest, you’re going to love what’s below. Read on to learn how this super easy concept can help you increase engagement and sell more books before your deadline!

Use Yearbook Photos

Use your photo editing software to create a bookmark that features four stacked images. The photos you choose should be teasers for the content of your yearbook–this is the key to building interest for the content that appears on the final pages of your book. Create a free account on Instagram for your yearbook committee, then run the pictures you choose through your account. This gives you the ability to play around with and add the same filters to your photos that students expect to see online. Since Instagram doesn’t offer the capability to save your edited images back to your computer, use Iconosquare. This is a free app that plugs into your Instagram account for added usability. Click on “my media,” then select the image you want to save.

Use the simple right click and save as trick to nab your Instagram photos for your bookmark.Then, just create a new project in your photo editing software and start building your project by stacking four awesome images on top of one another.

Turn it Into a Yearbook Marketing Piece

To make your bookmark a true piece of yearbook marketing, add a snappy title above your images. Consider something short that references your publication, such as Best.Yearbook. Ever. or Yearbook Exclusive! Or, really speak the language of your students with hashtags in your title: #yearbook! This adds context to the piece from the moment your students set eyes on it. At the bottom of your images, add your deadline for purchasing a book. Then, use sideways text running up the side of the bookmark to share how students can order their copy. This keeps all of the pertinent information front and center, making it super simple for your students to jump online and buy a yearbook.

Make Printing Easy

You can easily print the bookmarks yourself on nice cardstock from your school printer. If you want to avoid using a color printer, you can print on brightly colored paper with black and white ink. Add multiple copies of your bookmark to one piece of 8 ½ x 11 cardstock, then use a paper cutter to slice them apart. Viola! You have a super cute yearbook marketing tool that only took a few minutes to create.

Distribute Your Bookmarks

Because your bookmark can be used as a way to hold a place in a book (wonder of wonders), it only makes sense to encourage teachers to pass out your bookmarks to their classes. A simple explanation that the bookmarks are from the yearbook committee is all they need to communicate. Your committee can also hand them out over the lunch hour, or as students are walking into the building for the day. The more hands you get this modern (and useful!) yearbook marketing tool into, the more effectively you’ll boost sales. And once it’s distributed, all you have to do is sit back and watch the orders roll in!