Not Just a Grader: Use Your Yearbook to Highlight Teachers as Friends

It’s very important to spend time featuring the teachers at your school in the yearbook to celebrate the great work that they do. If you’re stuck on ideas, feeling like you’ve been highlighting student activities and are looking to create more teacher-based pages, why not think about creating a “Teachers Can Be Friends” yearbook page, which is dedicated almost exclusively to the work of your teachers.

There is no better photo than the selfie to show how much fun our teachers really are! Other photos that you will have in your archive can be of teachers doing their job in the classroom, or of teachers in hallways, or on the field interacting with students in a positive social environment outside of the classroom. Teachers as friends may seem like a strange concept, but every student has that one teacher with whom they really bonded, and showing them together can help other students realize that teachers aren’t enemies, or just looking to fail them — they are sources of wisdom, inspiration, and friendship.

Whenever you’re ready to start compiling your pages, be sure to request a free trial of our software and see how using Treering can transform and simplify the process of creating your yearbook!

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