Keep Your Yearbook Committee Motivated to Make the Best Book Ever


Now that it’s February, you might feel like you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. In a few short months, your yearbook project will be ready to publish. And that is surely something to celebrate. But at the end of the production season, your yearbook committee may slack off a bit because they think they’ve completed all the hard work that comes along with creating a book. But as you already know – and I can attest to personally – these last few months are critical to the final results. Keeping your yearbook committee motivated right up to the end is crucial. Here are some suggestions to keep everyone on track.

Celebrate Small Victories

As you’re gearing up for year’s end, there are still tasks to complete before your yearbook is ready to go to print. Why not take the team’s focus off of the final product and instead talk about each remaining project as a free-standing item? By keeping your yearbook committee students focused on one short-term project followed by another, the rest of the year will be much more manageable. Figure out which projects remain then plan a mini-celebration every time you check one off your list.

  • Did your team wrap up all the spring sports features? Bring in cupcakes.
  • Finalize the design for all the student extracurriculars? No homework this weekend.
  • Did the editorial team finish combing through all the written content of your book? Hold Friday’s class outdoors.

Creating these little incentives will help keep your yearbook committee on-task and on-time, even when they start to go stir crazy with Spring fever.

Get Interactive with Your Committee

Keep your yearbook committee motivated by moving beyond fun content during class and turn them loose on a project. The more interactive your class, the easier it will be to keep your students on task. Yearbook projects are more exciting when students can collaborate in class rather working on a project at home. Plus you can empower them to make independent design decisions while you’re close by in case they get stuck and on-hand to sing their praises when they do a good job.

And remember, your enthusiasm will go a long way towards keeping your students motivated. Demonstrate how these little final pieces of the yearbook are key to the success of the final book – and figure out which incentives inspire the best effort. These small ideas can go a long way to a big boost in team morale – and that’s exactly how you’ll end up with the best yearbook ever.