Maximize the Paparazzi: Using the Leftover Yearbook Photos You Don't Have Space For


Getting photos at every event is pretty much the job of the yearbook crew – or, as I sometimes affectionately refer to them as, the yearbook paparazzi. And with all of the events you attend and photos you take, I know that you probably have what seems like a million pictures left over at the end of the day that just don’t seem to fit in the midst of your yearbook pages. That being said, there are some great shots that you’ll be wasting if you don’t figure out an awesome spot for them to appear on the pages of your yearbook. So let me help you by offering some great ideas on spaces that make sense for those extra yearbook photos to appear.

Sometimes, your yearbook paparazzi will bring you a million great photos that you just can’t use. But how can you avoid just throwing them in the recycling bin?
Photo Credit: Flickr user Axel Buhrmann

Filler Pages

When your yearbook is built out based around highly specific sections, it can seem a little jumpy to just go from section to section. Almost regimented, if you will. The easiest way to break up these different sections is to add a page or two of random photos taken throughout the year. If you’re super creative, you can even give these pages a fun name or theme – like a paparazzi break, where you feature shots of the students around campus similarly to how a gossip magazine would include random shots of celebrities.

Don’t be afraid to take it to the next level – add borders to your photos, come up with some fun captions, really make the spread your own. Because teenagers tend to be pretty obsessed with celebrity culture, it can make them feel like they’re living the life of their favorite star through all of the yearbook photos in your own publication. Plus, it can become a fun school tradition that everyone gets engaged with in years to come!

Custom Pages

Sometimes, there just isn’t room for every single picture you take in the main yearbook. But that doesn’t mean that students wouldn’t love the extra photos of themselves for their custom yearbook pages! If you’re not going to use student pictures in your own spread, try offering them up to the particular teens that are featured – they’ll love having some extra “professional” shots to include in their own personal yearbook and you’ll feel great knowing your team’s hard work didn’t go to waste.

More Yearbook Photos

I know how leaving a great picture unused can feel – and if you find that you have a lot of great yearbook photos that just don’t fit on the pages of your spread, there is a solution you can consider: adding a few extra pages onto your book. While it’s not always a possibility (after all, you do have to keep the cost of the final yearbook in mind), it can be an option to squeeze in that last ten or fifteen photos that you just can’t toss in the recycling bin. And since TreeRing yearbooks are pretty cost effective on the whole, you likely won’t be increasing the cost too much – especially if you can fundraise to cover the extras.

As you’re looking for fun and creative ways to build out your spread, using as many of your paparazzi yearbook photos as possible is always a top goal. Sometimes, that can feel a little overwhelming – I know how many shots you can end up with when your school has avid photographers! But with these tips, you’ll include as many as possible – and give students a chance to choose some awesome shots for their own custom yearbook spread as well!