More Effective Marketing for Your Elementary School Yearbook

Marketing your elementary school yearbook is no easy task…
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Taking on the responsibilities of yearbook advisor in elementary schools is a much different job than in the middle and high school grades. Sure, you’re probably held at a slightly lower artistic standard than you would be when creating a yearbook for the higher grades, but you’ll also receive far less support and assistance. That means you’ll be juggling a lot of tasks on your own. For example, in order to keep sales up, yearbook advisors have to constantly be on top of their marketing game – but with the countless other jobs you have to do, that’s not always an easy task. So how do you get the word out about the yearbook to a school full of younger students who might not even know why they want one? Read through these ideas on better yearbook marketing techniques to generate higher interest and sales for yearbooks for grades 1-5.

In order to remember a brand, a person has to be exposed to its message at least seven times.
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The common conception in advertising is that a person must be exposed to a message or a brand seven times before they fully retain it in their memories. Ways to reach the magic number include:

  • Sending home frequent flyers, handouts, and promotional materials
  • Making sure the information is easy to find and access
  • Putting an informational yearbook page on the school website
  • Using social media
  • Using e-mail
  • Reminding students, as well as parents


Sending yearbook marketing flyers home and setting up stations with handouts at school events and parent-teacher conferences are great ways to get your promotional materials in the hands of parents. But if you’re going to ramp up the marketing, you need to make sure that you’re doing it right. Yearbook promotional material should always be eye-catching, informative but concise, and easy to understand.


Digging through papers and clicking through links just to find something that should be readily available can be really frustrating. So it’s the yearbook advisor’s job to make sure that the information on the yearbook is easy to find and access. If you set up a yearbook informational page on the school website, make sure to place a banner link to access it on the front page so that parents can find it without having to click through link after link. If you’re using physical handouts, make sure they’re available in every classroom and all the school offices, as well as the library.

Ideas On Marketing: Make Yearbook Information Easy To Find

Don’t make parents have to search for yearbook information.
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If you haven’t set up a Facebook or Instagram account for the yearbook yet, you should. 73% of moms and 68% of dads use Facebook regularly, and 32 million Americans used Instagram every month during 2013.

Social media offers a large reach of your target audience at zero cost to the school, making using it a no-brainer. Even if you don’t create your own page, the school likely has a Facebook page already, so sharing your information should still be a snap. Make sure to always include photos when posting to Facebook. Not only do photos account for 93% of posts on Facebook, they also receive 39% more interaction than posts without visuals.


Despite what you might have heard, email is far from dead. 91% of smartphone users check their email at least once day, and 56% say that it’s the number one way they have received an advertisement that has led to a direct purchase. Just be careful not to email too frequently, or you might end up with the spam. You can find out more on using email for marketing here.

Remind Kids, Not Just Parents About Yearbook Information

Both parents AND students should be reminded regularly about the yearbook.
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Yes, parents are the ones ordering and paying for the yearbooks. But, studies show that children might have better memories than adults do. Parents have a lot going on, which means a lot to have to remember. Put flyers throughout the school to keep the yearbook fresh in students’ minds. Any parent knows that once a kid decides they want something, they’ll make sure that you don’t forget.

Whenever you’re promoting the yearbook, don’t forget to include the unbeatable convenience of online ordering and the ability to preview the yearbook when using TreeRing. For frequently updated tips and tricks on creating the best yearbook your school has ever seen, check out our Yearbook Ideas page or keep reading our blog!