More Than Just Fun: Raise Social Awareness Through the School Yearbook


For some, a school yearbook is a fun way to capture memories and reminisce about everything awesome that happened on your school’s campus during the year. But when you dig a little deeper, you’ll come to realize that a yearbook goes a lot further than that—it’s also a representation of the overall culture at your school. And it’s that individuality that really sets your yearbook apart. But beyond just showing off the social environment of your school on the pages of your yearbook, did you know you can actually influence and cultivate good values as well? Modern news coverage is all over social topics relating to youth culture, so there’s never been a better time to address social awareness. Below, I’ll talk you through how to build better social awareness at your school, through the process you already use to build out your yearbook!

Bullying is just one hot topic in the news right now. Learn how you can create more social awareness and a better school environment with your yearbook.
Photo Credit: Flickr user nist6ss

Social Awareness and the News

Social awareness is big right now. But realizing that social issues such as bullying, cliques, peer pressure, and lack of inclusivity are affecting the students at your school is just the first step. Take the next step by making your yearbook a resource for parents, teachers, administrators, and students who are advocating for a better school environment—use your publication to spark action and change on your campus! Beyond raising social awareness, finding ways to showcase your school’s dedication to social issues can help you create a better yearbook spread that has a lasting impact on the student body.

Social Awareness and Your School

While you may or may not have noticed it, the movement for a more inclusive school environment has probably already started creeping its way around the halls. The best way to understand how major social issues have affected your student body—and how to become a proponent of the solutions that address them—is to get out there and start talking to people. Ask teachers what they’ve seen in classrooms. Task some of your yearbook committee to poll students about their experiences. Once you better understand the relevant issues at your school, you can start finding ways to support efforts towards change—while building out a unique section of content for your yearbook.

Supporting Social Awareness with Your Yearbook

After you’ve identified the top issues facing your school, start working with your team—and any other individuals working to make the school a better place—to brainstorm ways to support the cause. This could be something as simple as an anti-bullying presentation in the school gymnasium, to make students more aware of the role they play in discouraging bullies around campus. It could involve bringing trust-building activities to gym class (not to go all Mean Girls on you!) to build a more inclusive, safe environment. No matter what you do, don’t forget to take some awesome yearbook photos to pair with inspiring, enlightening content. Encourage your student body to strive for a better class environment, even after the school year ends.

Your class yearbook is more than just a fun way to get everyone talking at the end of the year—it really is a tool you can use to inspire social change and make your school a better place. So as you’re exploring all of the great yearbook content to include in this year’s publication, remember to dig a little deeper and highlight the social issues that are affecting your students on a daily basis. It will emphasize and honor some of the great ways your students are advocating change, and inspire more people to build a better campus environment.