The Online Yearbook: Let Groups and Teams Have a Slice of the Action

As you edit and compile all the awesome photos your committee takes throughout the year, you might be thinking of fun ways to use some of that content to get your school excited for what’s in store. And one way to spur a ton of engagement–and sell a few more copies of your book–is to create a specific online yearbook for each of the groups and sports teams at your school. This can give each extracurricular group at your school a little sneak peek to the final content you chose for their spreads, while also offering the opportunity to submit some student-curated photos from events you may not have photographed for your book. And that could definitely boost the content you show off in your final design! Ready to learn how this kind of online yearbook can take your hard work to the next level? I’ve added everything you need to know below.

Start With Your Outtakes

As you review all of the photos you want to include in the book, there are probably a lot of images that don’t make the cut. After all, there’s only so much space you can allocate to each extracurricular activity within the pages of each spread. Using these outtakes in your online yearbook is the perfect way to make sure all your work doesn’t go to waste! Within each group’s online yearbook, add some of the bloopers you captured during their season, along with some funny captions. When you can, try to spur more engagement with students. For example, ask them to caption the photos themselves, or predict which of five awesome pictures will actually make it onto the pages of your yearbook. It’s a great way to create more interest around the specific sections you’re creating and build some extra value into the yearbook as a whole!

Keep Content Basic

The point of this type of online yearbook isn’t to share all of the final content you’ll use in your publication. It’s to give a little taste of the what your students can expect to see in the final version, which encourages them to order their own copy! So while you want to share some little tidbits that they can look forward to, you don’t want to put all of your content out in the open right now. Instead, focus on using this online yearbook like a marketing campaign: use attention-grabbing teasers to entice students to buy an actual copy of the book. You can think of it like a celebrity gossip magazine cover. Use the same “what happens next?” style of headlines and captions to make the content that winds up on the pages of your book sound extra exciting!

An Online Yearbook for Every Group

The thought of creating a separate online yearbook for every team, group and extracurricular activity might sound a little exhausting at first. And I totally get where you’re coming from! But when you think of it on a much smaller scale, it’s not so overwhelming. Since you create your online content at the same time that you edit down the items you’ll use within the pages of each yearbook spread, it’s easy to build out a fun little space for each group to check out online, without creating a bunch of extra work for yourself.

Remember, an online yearbook doesn’t have to be super fancy. The point is to put some extra content online to get students more engaged with what you’re creating. And since this idea can help push your sales to the next level, you can actually decrease the amount of yearbook marketing you have to do overall by simply utilizing the resources right in front of you!