Why Personalized Yearbook Pages Will Become The Standard

Sales from school yearbooks have been on a steady decline in the last 5 years–mostly due to hidden yearbooks costs to schools–and I could hardly blame you if you took that data point and came to the conclusion that people weren’t interested in buying the printed book. The true story is a little more complicated. School yearbooks are turning social and I’ll tell you why.

Online Photo Sharing

We all know that sharing photos online has become a part of everyday life, but if I told you that the number shared per day is 250 million, I’m sure that would make your jaw drop. Thing is, it’s bigger than that. The latest Internet trends report states that the number of photos shared per day has reached 500 million and is expected to double each year.

Social Networks

Social networks have made it easy for us to capture and share photos with our friends and families instantly from the smart phone in our hands. And what do people do with all those photos being shared online?

Well, frankly some people leave them to float in the ether, but many are discovering that a personal photo book is a great way to tell a story — family vacations, holiday gatherings and baby’s first year — while archiving those precious images at the same time. The recent shut down of the elegant photo sharing site Snapjoy should serve as a reminder of how temporary online photos can be and underlines the importance of backing them up in an analog version like the photo book.

Photo Book Market Explodes

The photo book market has grown into a staggering $2 billion market in just a few years and as more of us become familiar with the ability to snap, share and print, what do we expect from school yearbooks? Well, more photos of us and our kids.

That’s why school yearbooks are turning social and collaborative. Call it narcissism or call it pride, but as a new papa I want to buy school yearbooks that contain personalized yearbook pages of my daughter. I want to sit with my daughter and open her yearbook for the first time to see pages that capture her story from each year. I want to know she feels included. And because it’s possible to use technology to affordably print personalized pages married with the traditional school yearbook, everybody wins.

Do you think parents and students would like to see more personal memories and photos in their copy of the yearbook?  Let me know in the comments section below.