Photo Collages: Give Your Preschool Yearbook a Standout Feature

Once you’ve decided on a great theme for your preschool yearbook, it’s time to start pulling together all the photos that you’ll use within each spread. Since the content you curate is geared towards a younger age group, it’s important to think like a preschooler to find the best photos and design ideas that help them relate to your book as a whole. And one way that you can effectively build out content that really speaks to this demographic is through the use of photo collages. Want to learn more? I’ll give you my best tips for using photo collages throughout your preschool yearbook below–and in no time, you’ll have your students super excited about seeing the final content!

Go Class Specific

At this age, kids love to see themselves in print. This is also around the time that they really start to recognize their classmates and understand the concept of friendship. Build out photo collages that incorporate lots of photos from their everyday life at school: projects they did with their classmates, what they do during circle time, and how they play together in the gym. This reminds them of all the fun things they did with their friends during the year, and will bring some added excitement to their world when they check out all the familiar faces that wind up on the pages of their very own book!

It’s also a great way to let your students explain to their parents, in a more concrete way, what they do at school. Your classroom photo collage can offer them the ability to point out and share how their day progresses, and talk through some of the more specific learning activities they participate in. Plus, a classroom collage means you don’t have to pull together all of the content for your book on your own–enlist the teachers’ help in nabbing some great yearbook photos during the day. It’s the perfect way to get the action shots you need for your collage without missing a beat!

Get Student Submissions

Creating fun works of art is an activity that preschoolers love. And providing a fun project for each class that allows the students to create fabulous photo collages can be a great way to add content to your preschool yearbook–without creating too much extra work for yourself. It’s a project that’s easily modified depending on the size of your school and classrooms: the kids can each create their own mini-collage to be shared, or work together to build out a bigger collage from their class as a whole. Not only will it help give them a little piece of ownership within the pages of your book, but it can also teach them to work as a team to create something extra special.

Collages Go Beyond the Preschool Yearbook

To help parents get more involved in your yearbook and your campus as a whole, encourage them to submit some of their own personal photos from their child’s life outside of school. This could be anything from a family picture to each student doing something they love. You can even turn this exercise into a sharing activity in the classroom, allowing each student to talk about what their family does for fun! A great classroom collage can do more than just give your students something interesting to look forward to within the pages of your yearbook: it can help show parents the value of the education you’re providing to their little student. And when you use these tips for making your photo collages engaging, you’ll create the perfect preschool yearbook in no time!

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