Picking a Confidence Boosting Back to School Outfit

Look smart on the first day of school.
Photo credit: Flickr CC user: Melissa Deakin
Look smart on the first day of school.
Photo credit: Flickr CC user: Melissa Deakin


First impressions are everything – especially on the first day back at school. School photographers will more than likely be out and about snapping shots for the yearbook and you want to make sure you look and feel your best as you embark on a brand new year. Whether you’re a freshmen who is new to the school or a senior who is a seasoned vet, putting your best foot forward can set the tone for your entire school year. Even if your school has a uniform policy, you can still accessorize and make a statement.

Here are some tips on how to pick out an outfit that will give you cool confidence come the first day of school.

  1. Get comfortable (but not too comfortable!)

Ditch the sweat pants and lounge wear – you don’t want people to think you’re a lazy slob right off the bat. However, it is important to feel comfortable in the outfit you’ve chosen. If the latest romper fad doesn’t flatter your figure, don’t try to stuff yourself into one — you don’t want to spend the entire day adjusting your outfit because it’s not the right size, or it’s too uncomfortable. Find a pair of jeans that make you feel good about yourself or rock a new, flattering blouse that makes you smile. If you’re feeling good, everyone else will notice your confidence right away.

  1. Be prepared

There’s nothing like accidentally sabotaging your back-to-school clothes because you’re rushing around in the morning trying to get everything together. Make sure that you have washed, ironed, hung up, and done whatever else you need to in order to get everything you need ready to go before you hit the hay.

  1. Stick with practical shoes

While it’s super tempting to rock your hot new heels, trekking across campus in mile high shoes can wreck your feet. Look for a cute pair of flats like Tom’s or something practical from Target to match your outfit. Trust me, your feet (and legs and back and entire body!) will thank you at the end of the day.

  1. Accessorize!

Not only is it super fun to accessorize (especially if you have to wear a uniform), it’s your chance to let your personality really shine. Are you a bangle freak? Do you dig headbands? How about a statement belt? Let your outfit pop with some color and funky accessory fun.

If you’re on the yearbook committee, take advantage of this exciting day to get some material for a fun yearbook spread on back to school outfits.

How do you get ready for the first day of class? Let me know your thoughts in the box below.