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Plumas News: Plumas Charter recognized in national yearbook competition

Maggie Hennessey, the office manager and yearbook creator for Plumas Charter School, holds the two-page spread in its yearbook that placed third in a national competition.

Source: Plumas News

Plumas Charter School received accolades for a yearbook spread in the #TreeringMemoriesMatter challenge. Yearbook editors from across the United States submitted their favorite yearbook spreads from the 2020-2021 school year.

“This inaugural challenge was prompted by our empathy for our yearbook editors this year,” said Kristina Cruz, Head of Marketing, Treering. “Preserving our children’s memories is so important and this year it was even more so from a journalistic standpoint. Given the various COVID safety protocols in schools, parent volunteer’s and teacher’s work was made even more challenging. We wanted to celebrate these editors’ hard work as well as their student’s memories.”

Plumas Charter tied for third place with a spread about last year’s North Complex Fire. For its efforts it won a $25 Amazon gift card and three free yearbooks.

According to judges the two-page spread was “laid out and designed beautifully, this yearbook spread does an extremely honest and thoughtful job covering the wildfires, and how the community came together to “’weather the storm.’”

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