Pre-K Yearbook Ideas: Make Creative Pages With Treering!

Snack time, naps, recess- these are some of your child’s first memories: Pre-K yearbooks keep those memories from being lost.

1. Student’s Best Friend: A Pets Page Brings Life to Your Yearbook

A pets page in your yearbook is a great way for students to show off their four (or more or less) legged friends, and bring a yearbook to life. Students will be happy to help. Read More

Tree Ring- Pets

2. Best of Recess: Highlighting the Fun in Elementary School Yearbooks

Recess is every elementary school student’s favorite period, and it is a great thing to capture in a yearbook designed for the younger kids. Take photos of all the fun.

Treering- best of recess

3. Cookie Monsters: A Delicious Yearbook Idea for Pre-K Kids

It can be hard to come up with yearbook ideas for Pre-K kids, but having a page where they can talk about their favorite cookies is a great way to keep everyone happy!

Treering- Cooking Monster-Preks

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