The Preschool Yearbook: Keep it Simple for More Engagement


If your school doesn’t already have a preschool yearbook, it’s something you should definitely consider. The concept of yearbooks for this age group has spread across the country like wildfire – and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Parents love being able to capture and easily reference adorable photos of all of the fun learning experiences their kids have during these years. A yearbook is also an engaging way to add some extra value to your preschool program as a whole. The thing to really keep in mind when you’re creating a book for this age group is that ultimately, the content you add is all about the kids. And for younger children, simple is definitely a better way to go.

But simple doesn’t have to mean unimportant! I see different versions of preschool yearbooks all the time that reflect a very simple theme, yet still offer spectacular content. Where this type of yearbook is concerned, you just need to be cognizant of what’s important to your audience. So start thinking like a preschooler and follow along – I’ve got some great ideas below that are sure to create an awesome yearbook spread for your preschool this year!

Fill Your Pages with Photos

The thing that kids love about a yearbook is the photos that cover the pages. Since preschoolers are highly visual, the more photos you can pack into your yearbook spread, the better. Let your yearbook photos do the talking by arranging them to tell a story. Use a storyboard as a way to easily plan out your yearbook spread – in fact, get the teachers involved by asking them to talk through some of their themes and lesson plans for the year. This can help you quickly establish what kind of content you want to add to the pages of your yearbook, and when you should be nabbing great pictures to tell each classroom’s story!

Keep Copy Short and Sweet

Most preschoolers can’t read themselves, but they do love being read to. Use this to your advantage by creating a yearbook that parents can easily share with their kiddos by keeping your language short and sweet. Your publication is a great way to showcase all of the great learning that goes on within the halls of your school, while also pulling together some of the amazing memories the students created throughout the year. Your students’ parents will see more value in both your yearbook and your preschool program as a whole as they’re checking out the pages of your spread (and all the awesome photos of their kids).

When in Doubt, Go for the Rhyme

When you aren’t sure what kind of content to add to the pages of your yearbook spread, but want to make it fun for grown-ups and kids alike, just start thinking like Dr. Seuss! Rhyming is a great way to pull together descriptive captions for your photos and sections, and it will also keep the kids engaged with your yearbook from start to finish. You can rhyme about the fun playtime your students had on the playground, the cool activities they did in art class, and the dramatic plays they performed in the classroom! Plus, rhymes can help you keep your copy a little more basic – which is perfect for the preschool-age kids on your campus.

Create a Great Preschool Yearbook

Even if you haven’t created one before, building out a great preschool yearbook doesn’t have to be hard. The key is to think simple, go with a highly visual look and find ways to really make your yearbook personalized to the students at your school. The more they see their own faces grace the pages of your yearbook design, the more excited they’ll be to read through it again and again. And that’s how you can build a yearbook tradition for your students that’s sure to last for years to come!

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