Quotable Yearbook Pages

Quotes don’t just have to be used as inspirational copy, they can also be used to capture your the pulse of your school community and each student’s unique personality.


1. Words to Remember: Create a Quotation Page for Your Yearbook

A quotation page can help students remember which teachers inspired them, and which words helped them achieve success and move toward the fulfillment of their dreams. Read More

Treering- Inspirational Quotes

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2. From The Mouths of Babes: The Fun of a Pre-K Interview Page

A pre-k interview page is a great way to get young kids involved in a yearbook. They are unfiltered in their answers, and will provide great responses to your questions. Read More

Treering- Interviews with Preschoolers

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3. Kids Say The Darndest Things: A Pre-K Quote Page for Your Yearbook

A Pre-K Quote Page is a great way to capture some of the fun, charming, absurd, and beautiful thoughts that come from children. Fun now and years in the future. Read More

Treering- Kids Say the Darndest things

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