Re-energize Your Yearbook Committee with a Vision Board Project

vision board

For some students, winter break is a great way to rest and re-energize their minds – which helps them to come back to school with a great attitude. For others on your yearbook committee, this can take a little more coaxing. And if you’re struggling to get your team motivated to finish out the second half of the year with a bang – or you just need to get the creative juices flowing again – having your students create a vision board for your project as a whole can be a great way to get inspired. Plus, I’ve found that this is an excellent tactic for getting everyone back on the same page and excited about filling up the rest of the pages of your yearbook with great content! So if you’re ready to really push your team to the next level, I’ve pulled together some easy tips you can use to help them build up the committee’s excitement levels with a great vision board project!

Having your yearbook committee create vision boards can be a great way to get them back on track for the second half of your year.
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Re-engage Your Vision

Before you turn everyone loose, make sure you go back through what the original vision for the yearbook was. You don’t want to reinvent the wheel here, you just want to push a little creativity and fresh thinking into your overall project. Take a look – as a group – at what you’ve already done, what the theme is and how you’ve used it. Remind your yearbook committee that the goal is to stay consistent with what you’ve already crafted, but perhaps bring some fun new ideas that relate back to the pieces you’ve already finalized. This will help everyone to stay on track so that you’re not fielding ideas that would require you to completely start over on your yearbook spread.

Renew Your Inspiration

As your yearbook committee is finding renewed inspiration for the yearbook as a whole, encourage them to find images that reflect new ideas they have and what their own yearbook inspiration has been. This will help them to come up with some concepts that, at the very least, ensure that they’ve got their head back in the yearbook game, so to speak. The best part? You don’t have to create your boards out of anything fancy. Even the twelve-by-twelve cork boards from the craft store will do! And if you want to take this project to the next level, have your students work in teams – it will get them talking about the project a bit more and help to build more excitement around getting out there and finishing up your masterpiece!

Reinvigorate Your Yearbook Committee

Once everyone’s created a vision board, it’s time to share each one with the entire yearbook committee. Ask each student – or group of students – to share what they chose for their vision board. Have them explain what each image means and how it’s applicable to the yearbook. This will help everyone get back on the same page with a cohesive vision for your spread, while also sharing any new ideas that can be molded and used for different sections you’re still working on. Plus, it’s fun to see what everyone else chose for their vision board!

While it might seem a little hokey, vision boards are a great way to get your yearbook committee working towards the same end goal and excited about what the final spread will look like. This is also an excellent way to push some creative energy back into your group, which will ensure that the second half of your year is filled with as many great ideas as the first half was!

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