Treering + Sandy Hook Promise

Start with Hello, just one of Sandy Hook Promise's "Know the Signs" Programs, partially funded by Treering to help foster inclusivity on campus

This year marks one of changes for Treering. To go with our new look, we have a new philanthropic partnership. Treering Yearbooks is taking another step towards promoting inclusion through partnering with Sandy Hook Promise. By choosing Treering to print your school’s yearbook, you not only have access to crowdsourcing options and custom pages, but your purchase is also contributing to the “Know the Signs” prevention programs and K-12 instruction on empathy and inclusion.

Treering Yearbook’s custom pages changed the way students tell their own stories: by providing an opportunity for families to upload photos and create their own pages in their student’s book, we accurately showcase each student’s interests and contributions. Then, crowdsourcing options widened the narrative to include more angles and perspectives from the year.

The “Know the Signs” programs include:

  • Start With Hello: For students in grades K-12, Start With Hello teaches youth how to minimize social isolation, marginalization, and rejection by creating an inclusive community that reaches out and connects with at-risk individuals.
  • Say Something: For students in grades K-12, Say Something teaches youth to recognize warning signs, especially in social media, from individuals who may be a threat to themselves or others and Say Something to a trusted adult or report it using our Anonymous Reporting System.
  • Say Something Anonymous Reporting System (SS-ARS): For students in grades 6-12, SS-ARS enables youth to easily submit safe, anonymous safety concerns through a mobile app, website, or hotline number. SHP’s highly-trained, multilingual Crisis Counselors respond to tips 24/7/365, engaging youth in dialogue to assess and substantiate the tip, provide immediate crisis/suicide intervention, and triage the tip to local school and/or law enforcement response teams as needed.
  • Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Promise Clubs: These student-led clubs empower students in grades K-12 to champion violence prevention in their schools and communities.

Join us to create inclusive yearbooks while teaching compassion and looking out for one another–together, let’s create a culture change!

Can a yearbook company save lives? We’re sure going to try!

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