School Passion: Yearbook Quotes Can Up Your Spread - And Inspire Your Students

As you’re looking to create an awesome new section for your book that features some of the top leaders on your campus, one of the easiest and most engaging ways to do it is through featuring fun quotes from different people who assume leadership roles on your campus. Depending on the tone you take, these quotes can be inspirational, funny or just evoke memories from the school year that everyone cherished. Plus, it’s a great way to celebrate some of the leadership that has helped make your school a better place! And while you might feel like this sounds a little challenging and nebulous, it’s actually super simple – I’ve even pulled together an easy guide for getting the best quotes for your yearbook below!

Find the Right People

Sit down and think about the leaders at your school: there are probably some immediate names that come to mind. This is likely a combination of students, teachers and administrators who have played a huge role in campus life this year, or maybe some people who have served as inspirational role models for the students. If you’re struggling to choose just a few of those top leaders at your school, you can also poll the student body to find out who they view as the top school leaders – this will help you choose the individuals to feature that have really had the biggest impact on the students. Next, narrow your list down to the top five to ten people, depending on the space you’ve reserved for yearbook quotes. Now you have the perfect list of people to approach for your feature!

Choose Your Approach

The next step to building a great quotes feature is figuring out the best approach and tone to take with your new section – do you want it to be funny? Representative of specific events or goals? Or is it more about being inspirational? Once you determine the tone you want your yearbook quotes to take, you can start working with your yearbook committee to craft some great questions to ask your interviewees. This doesn’t have to be long: three to five short questions should get you the responses you need. Then you just need to conduct interviews! You can do this in person or by asking your candidates to respond via email, depending on how much time you have and how quickly you need to turn the feature around.

Edit, Edit, Edit

When you start looking through your responses, the first thing you’ll notice is that they’re not exactly…yearbook quotes. In fact, without quite a bit of editing, I’ve found that those initial responses are no where near yearbook worthy. So put your best writers on the case and let them work out some quotes that eloquently reflect the sentiment each interviewee was getting at. Then you just have to run that final quote by your interviewee for approval, and you’re ready to add all of your awesome yearbook quotes to your new section!

Yearbook Quotes Add Value

While it might seem like a skimpy little add-on when compared with some of the other more robust sections of the yearbook, it really is a great way to work some new content into your yearbook. And in my own experience, a section that features yearbook quotes quickly becomes one that everyone looks forward to checking out – and trying to become a part of! So get planning today, this is definitely a fun project to take on with your yearbook team!