Yearbook Design Ideas: Why You Should Be Using Infographics

There is no doubt that kids today are growing up in an age of information. In the minute you have spent reading this article alone:

  • 571 new websites were created
  • 206,166,667 emails were sent
  • 2,000,000 Google searches were queried
  • 684,478 Facebook statuses were posted

Data is everywhere. So how do you get students to pay attention to yours?

We covered the importance of using visuals in social media to engage readers, but what if we take those same principles and apply them to yearbook content? Visuals are an eye-catching, attention-grabbing tool to get your message across, and there is no better visual tool for your message than an infographic.


For those who are still unfamiliar, infographics are a visual representation of data used to display a large amount of information in a condensed, easy-to-read way. They’ve also become wildly popular over the past few years, both online and in print. In the past two years alone, infographic search volumes have increased by over 800 percent.


If you’re asking yourself, “Aren’t infographics for social media?” or “Why would I want to use infographics in my school yearbook,” we have 9 reasons for you to consider.

1. They Demand Attention

Text is just more text. It’s on every page, it all looks the same, and it’s easy to pass over. But Infographics combine data and analysis with images, colors, and creative designs, naturally drawing the eye in to read.

2. They’re Easy To Read

With all that content and data being shoved down our throats daily, we’ve become really good at skimming large sections of text, which often leads to missing out on vital information. That’s why numbered and bullet lists have become so popular online. People want the highlights, not the fluff. Infographics provide all of the facts with none of the white noise.

3. They’re Entertaining

I know I’ve read more than one infographic on topics that I never imagined myself caring about just because I liked the look or design. Because they draw the attention of the reader and provide fast, bullet point information, people like reading them.

4. They’re Informative

Instead of wasting all of your time creating meticulous copy that probably isn’t going to get read anyway, put the main points into a creative graphic and increase the odds of the information being read.

5. They’re A Unique Marketing Tool

Infographics can go viral very quickly. You can post the infographics you create on the yearbook’s social media pages to help raise awareness of the school yearbook and promote sales.

6. They’re Creative

A well-designed infographic that complies with the colors and theme of your yearbook can be an extremely artistic addition to your pages.

7. They’re Space-saving

Infographics can condense a lot of information into a visual of whatever size you choose, freeing up any needed space. On the flip side, an infographic can be bulked up to fill an entire page if you’re running short on content in one of your page layouts.

8. They Promote Your Brand

A school is a brand in itself. An infographic containing data on the school is essentially an enjoyable advertisement promoting the school and it gets your message out there.

9. Position Yourself As A Professional

An infographic makes you and the school yearbook come across modern, polished, and professional. You also position yourself as an expert on the school, student body, and yearbook design. Go, you!


The best part about infographics is that they can basically be whatever you want them to be: They can be simple, they can be rich with data, or they can be entertaining.

Some yearbook ideas for infographics you can use include:

  • Data on the student population broken down by grade, majors, athletics, clubs and other activities, college destinations, etc.
  • Major school achievements, successes, or awards.
  • Data on the various sports teams from that year.
  • Information on special events, such as Race For Education, science fairs, and various fundraisers.
  • Pop culture of that year, including popular books, movies, music, television, etc.
  • Students’ favorite things, including hangout spots, cafes, classes, books, movies, stores, etc.


With Treering’s customizable pages, adding your infographics and other visuals into the pages of your school yearbook are as simple as 1-2-3.

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