Seeing Double: Featuring Twins, Triplets, and Sweet Siblings in the Yearbook

Honor the multiples at your school with their own feature spread.
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“It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins.” – Author Unknown

During Spirit Week at my high school, every day had a theme, and you got to wear a costume and compete for prizes. I, personally, always dug PJ day, because I didn’t have to stress over choosing an outfit. A close second was ‘Twin Day” — you got to get silly with your best friends and buy matching knee high socks and hair bows. Of course, when it came time to vote, the REAL twins always won, but it was good times never the less.

They say two is better than one, and that’s definitely true when you have twins, triplets, or the entire Gosselin clan representing on your campus. Not only is being part of a duo super cool, but you can mess with people. I remember identical twin sisters, Erika and Erin, who were notorious at my school for taking each other’s classes and not correcting people if they thought they were actually talking to the other twin. It was straight out of an early ‘90s sitcom or something. My sister and I are super close, but we could never pass for each other, and I often thought it would be super cool to have a replica of myself.

Unique sibling situations make for fun visual yearbook spreads. Round up the multiples at your school and honor them with a special layout. You can share baby photos, chat with them about the ups and downs of going to school with a sibling, or have them dress alike and have people guess who’s who.

Another funny way to show off twins or multiples in the yearbook is to have them come up with their own unique yearbook quote under their photo. Here are some hilarious examples of twins using the yearbook to get the last laugh.

Even if your school doesn’t have any multiples to cover, you can still do a sibling spread. Is there a particular family that stands out that’s worth covering? Examples might be brothers who are both star athletes, or maybe there’s a family who does theater together or is in a band. At my school, we had a family of four who all were valedictorians year after year. To this day I don’t know how they did it, and think it would make for an interesting article.

Find a fun angle on siblings at your school and feature them in the yearbook. Lifestyle pieces like these are usually very popular, and people love being asked about their lives outside of school.

You might not have enough pages to spare for a siblings page, and that’s where the magic of the internet comes into play. You can feature superstar siblings weekly or monthly on your yearbook blog. Not only is this an interactive way to showcase people, but you can cover more stories, those that might not fit the yearbook.  Everyone deserves some time in the spotlight!

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