Six Must-Read Posts For Yearbooks Advisers Going Into Spring

All around the world, people are getting ready to celebrate the New Year. But for yearbook advisers, the year is just reaching the halfway point, and things are about to pick up—quickly. You’re done with the prep phase. You’ve done portraits, have your layout determined, and have covered all the fall events. But now it is time for the main course: writing and plugging articles into the yearbook, arranging everything just right, and really putting in the hard work toward getting a finalized book to print. As you get ready for the spring semester, here are some articles we’ve compiled to help you get into gear. With a clear mind and a solid plan, you can make 2016 a breeze.

Increase Yearbook Sales With These Scripts For Morning Announcements

microphoneYou’ve been thinking about yearbooks all year, but for the most part, few students have. As sales deadlines approach, it is important to ramp up student excitement about buying. One way to do this is with morning announcements, either from the teacher or through the PA. We’ve provided a bunch of scripts and templates for you to use and to adapt, from straightforward to goofy. Getting people thinking about yearbooks in a memorable way is one of the best ways to boost sales. Looking for another great way? Read on.

The One Set Of Yearbook Flyers That Can Boost Your Sales By 50%

yearbook sales flyersWhat makes clickbait so, well, clickable? It’s because certain headlines demand our attention, and create a need-to-know attitude about something we had never cared about before (“A squirrel gets a pilot’s license…you won’t believe what he does with it!”). The same principle can be used for yearbook flyers in order to help drum up excitement about the books. And the best subject to use? The students themselves: these flyers will have heads turning and yearbook sales soaring (almost as high as that squirrel).

Use Your Leftover Spring Photos For A Fundraising Campaign

spring-yearbook-photo-fundraiserYou’ve taken a lot of photographs, and won’t be able to fit them all into your yearbook (nor should you). Those aren’t wasted snapshots, though. They can be repackaged as a way to earn extra revenue for your yearbook committee. Our post goes through how to package and market these, whether you’re targeting parents individually, or providing them as an exclusive bonus to people who buy the book. However it develops, these photos provide an easy way to boost revenue.

How To Proofread Your Own Writing

9-28-2015_proofreading-tipsProofreading is always hard—the eyes tend to glide over sentences, and automatically fix all but the most glaring mistakes. Proofreading your own writing is even harder. You know what it says, so you tend to miss things, or assume they are right: it’s hard to read over what you have just written. We offer methods for the important step of proofing what you have read, so that it is much cleaner for editors, and less likely to have any mistakes slip through. It’s also important to proof design separately from content.

10 Great Design Ideas For Yearbook Mods Found on Pinterest

yearbook mod design ideas on pinterestWhen making a yearbook, you know that not all great ideas come in September. You’re going to have some ideas much closer to publication, but if you are set with a design, you might not be able to fit them in. The beauty of mods is that you can reserve a space for later ideas that you can slip in. We scoured Pinterest for 10 great yearbook mods designs/inspirations, which also come in handy if you have unexpected blank space or photos that need replacing.

Spring Clean Your Work Space For Lower Stress

Spring cleaning can mean a lot of different things. One is the physical act of cleaning. They say that a clear workspace means a clear mind, and at the very least it reduces stress. We offer tips on how best to organize your work area, so that things don’t get lost, clutter doesn’t create distractions, and the workflow can run like an undammed river. That isn’t all, though. It also means mental spring cleaning. There is a lot going on in the heads of your staff, between yearbook, homework, and just being a kid. We also offer tips to clear their minds and keep them motivated for the home stretch.

When Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Everest, he supposedly said he did so “because it’s there.” Well, the yearbook isn’t there, yet. You’re creating the mountain as you are climbing. It’s exciting: basecamp is far behind, and your committee is strapping on the gear for the final push. The final deadlines are in sight, so stay the course. Your dedication, combined with a few of our best tips, can make 2016 the best year for yearbooks yet.

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