Six Word Memoirs: Helping Passionate Teens Find Their Voice

six-word memoirs

When you’re looking for a fun way to involve everyone at your school with the yearbook, it can be hard to find one concept that builds a common bond amongst the student body. I know from experience that every school hosts a very diverse student body with a wide spectrum of thoughts and interests – even getting just one classroom to participate in the same project can sometimes be a challenge! And while you’re searching for creative ways that get your entire campus on the same page, I have an amazing idea for you to try. It’s something that allows students to get super creative, while bonding each entry to one common theme. And it’s a concept called six word memoirs.

Consistent Theme, Different Messages

Using a section for six word memoirs in your yearbook offers a space where students get the opportunity to create a one line statement of six words that reflects their school experience over the last several months. Because each slot is limited to six words – no more, no less – students are forced to put their thinking caps on and come up with a unique way to express the memories and events that really made their year great. This is a unique concept that allows you to really pull everyone together for a fun cause, but also offers your students the ability to easily share a little of their own personality. And that can create one awesome section that everyone’s excited to check out in this year’s book!

Encourage Creativity

The point of including six word memoirs in your yearbook is to do something fun that involves the entire campus – and the more creative those phrases get, the more awesome your fun new yearbook idea will be! So while you’re working to get everyone excited about participating in this awesome new section of your publication, don’t be afraid to get a little creative yourself – by adding a friendly competition among classes at your school. Have different classrooms compete for bragging rights (or maybe even an ice cream party) over who can come up with the most creative six word memoir for your book. Not only will you make the project way more fun, you’ll ensure that the pages of your book are filled with fun and unique phrases, straight from your students themselves.

Easy Yearbook Sales

It’s no secret that when students are more excited about what’s going to be included in this year’s book, they’re more prone to actually purchase one. Which means building excitement by just letting everyone add their own six word memoirs to your yearbook spread can be a great marketing tool to increase yearbook sales. This also means that the more fun you make the process of creating and adding these memoirs to your book, the more excited students will be to boast about their work to their parents. And this is exactly what will help encourage parents to get in their child’s yearbook order tonight! So get out there and start helping the students on your campus create some fun six word memoirs!

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