The Social Yearbook: Incorporating a Sense of Community with Your Theme

Volunteers and Communities

One of the main goals of any school yearbook is to bring together your entire campus to create a stronger sense of community. Part of that awareness comes from all the awesome photos you’re taking – and the ways you’re incorporating your yearbook theme into different fun events throughout the year. And part of that is more about encouraging the student body to connect with people outside of their usual clique, building a stronger emphasis on an inclusive environment and strengthening student ties to the school. This sounds like a lot – if you just read that and thought, “wait, that’s my job?!,” I don’t blame you. But really, incorporating that sense of community within the pages of your yearbook doesn’t have to be quite so difficult – in fact, just having some of the right tools available to you to cultivate this type of environment can be a great start. So what are those tools? I’ll detail them below!

Capturing students who volunteer and help out the community is a great way to build your social yearbook. Image from Flickr CC User vastatepark

Go Charitable

When students give back – even in small ways, like cleaning up your campus or making holiday cards for a local children’s hospital – they naturally build a stronger bond with their fellow students. Combine that with the great feeling you get from doing good, and you have the environment for building strong ties between students who give back. Helping to build awareness for student groups that are focused on doing good for either the school or your community at large is a great place to start. Encourage these groups to become more active in terms of how they promote their events to students, by regularly adding them to the student announcements, getting space in any newsletters your school puts out and just generally using student word-of-mouth marketing.

For some schools, this is a lot easier than others: because they require students to donate a certain number of hours to charitable causes throughout the year. If your school doesn’t have this policy, you can certainly bring the idea up to the school board – but in the meantime, work on encouraging your own students to give back as much as they can – perhaps you can even offer extra credit for students that participate in worthy causes! Plus, any events like these are awesome yearbook photo opportunities – they showcase how the school fosters a strong sense of community for the students, making it a better place for everyone.

Your Social Yearbook

Creating a strong sense of community on the pages of your yearbook goes beyond just the photos and content you add to the yearbook, though. For many students, having the ability to add their own content that displays their own little community within the school – and all the fun things they did outside of school events – is what really creates memories in the yearbook that last. Which is why a social yearbook can be an amazing thing for your school. Because TreeRing is easy to connect to your social media accounts, it makes it super simple for students to import their own photos from Facebook and Flickr to share – and also to add to their own custom pages within their own yearbook.

Not only that, using a secure social sharing site means the photos are only available within your own community – making it much easier to create a stronger bond throughout your school, because you’re not sharing photos with the world at large. The way we interact with our own communities have changed so drastically over the past several years with the rise of the internet and social networking sites – isn’t it time you had the tools to help your school adapt to that, without sharing every bit of information with the entire world? At TreeRing, we make this possible – while making your role as yearbook advisor much easier, because our system also makes it super easy for you to layout your yearbook theme and produce a publication that everyone is sure to love this year. Ready to learn more? Check out all the ways our yearbooks are different from the competition – then create your account today!