Start Trending: Go Viral to Boost Yearbook Sales


While creating a great yearbook spread is your number one priority, selling your publication should be a close second – and if you want to do this well, it really is the responsibility of the entire yearbook committee to spread the word. And whether you sell yearbooks like a champ or have struggled with sales in the past, learning a few ways to really boost your numbers this year is always a good idea. Thinking about this from the perspective of reaching more students, you have to get into their world a little bit. And something that’s a big part of their day-to-day life is social media – and the concept of going ‘viral.’

Building a parody video that integrates pop culture can help you market your yearbook on a level that easily reaches the students!
Photo Credit: Flickr user jerekeys

Going Viral – Huh?

Yes, I realize it’s a weird term. But it signifies something really cool for teenagers, which makes it something you need to include as part of your promotional campaign! When this happens to a video on the internet, it means that the content becomes an overnight sensation, everyone’s talking about it. And while you probably won’t break the internet with your yearbook promotion, you can certainly get everyone at your school talking about the awesome online content – and how they can’t wait for the yearbook to come out. And that is definitely something to strive for.

Where The Students Are

Since most of your team is probably students, you’ve got a great in: they’re heavily connected to your target demographic. Use them as your creative guide to find a way to create the perfect video, detailing just why this year’s yearbook is going to be so much better than the ones of the past. To go viral, you’ll need a hook – something funny that resonates with your student body. Your yearbook team will play a big role here, as they’ll know about the funny jokes and popular media that’s trending across the campus. Some fun ways to talk about your yearbook that will spread like wildfire include making a parody of a popular song that includes video from your photoshoots, re-making a popular scene from a teen television show or creating awesome memes from some of your photo shoot outtakes.

The  biggest key is to promote your content where your students are – meaning, what social networks they’re on. Yes, putting up the traditional posters in the hallway and making an announcement over the PA system will help, but when a link pops up on social media, it’s really easy for them to just click it. Ask your students what the popular social networks are at your school – and how to best share the content across the student body. Also, don’t forget that your TreeRing social media site is a great place to share content like this. We help you directly target just your campus, too!

Building Excitement

Whenever you’re selling yearbooks, the biggest impact you can have is to create excitement for when that book comes out. When it comes down to it, high school students don’t want to be left out of the crowd – and if the yearbook becomes the hot item of the year, everyone will want to have one. Communicating not just how the yearbook will be so much better than last year’s, but also how students be able to look back on memories with their friends at the end of the year are great messages to help boost your sales. Now you just have to implement these creative ideas to get that message out to your school!