Stretch! Create a Fun Gym Class Page for Your Elementary School Yearbook

Have you reached an inspirational drought in your process of creating your Elementary School Yearbook this year? Do you have many “Memorable Moments” pages, but still need a few more and are not sure where to go next? Why not create a memorable moments page for Gym Class?

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Gym is a favorite class among Elementary Schoolers. Whether it’s dodgeball, baseball, softball or kickball — everyone absolutely love gym and often this class as a much-needed break from their academic classes!

This is a time where kids are learning for themselves what they find fun and what they don’t. It is an exciting time for growth and a wonderful thing for your yearbook to capture. A student might look back in 20 years and remember that this is where they got the inspiration for Olympic gold. Don’t you want a picture of that?

Have fun with this page and when you are ready to start digitally compiling your yearbook, be sure to request a free trial of our software and see how using TreeRing can transform and simplify the process of creating your yearbook!