Student Polls: Top Cafeteria Dishes Spice Up Your Yearbook

A great way to feature and memorialize lunchtime and food at your school is to create a poll page featuring the year’s top cafeteria dishes. School food isn’t all boring or bad – kids love certain meals offered at lunchtime and look forward to certain days of the week. Why not take a moment to celebrate these lunchtime favorites with your students by dedicating an interactive poll page to them in your yearbook?

Are you concerned that you’re lacking student interest in your Yearbook this year? A great way to  get kids involved and excited again is to create interactive pages like this one. Polls are a phenomenal way to get students buzzing and excited to see what is going on in the yearbook staff room.

Of course, you can make this more fun by adding “least favorite dishes” or even “what you’d like to see next year.” This not only adds to the yearbook, but can make a positive difference in the school. It makes the yearbook not just a compendium of memories, but a vital part of the school experience.

When you’re ready to start compiling your page, be sure to request a free trial of our software and see how using Treering can transform and simplify the process of creating your Current Events Timeline page in your yearbook!

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