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Student's Best Friend: A Pets Page Brings Life to Your Yearbook

Everyone loves their pets! Whether it’s dogs, cats, lizards, parrots, bunnies or snakes- most students will have a furry (or scaly) friend at home! If you’re stuck in a rut when it comes to inspiration and are looking for more yearbook content to fill up some blank space, think about creating a pet owners page for a simple, fun and interactive content filler!

Send out a school-wide request asking for photos from home of students with their pets. This way you won’t have to spend time sending a dedicated staff member around to meet everybody’s pets! Encourage parents and students to take photos at home in exciting and creative ways. These could be photos of kids and pets in matching costumes or a very scary photo — like one of Kyle’s giant python.

Pets Page Brings People Together

One of the great things about having a pets page is that it allows students to showcase a different side of themselves — what they do at home and who they are outside the walls of the classroom. The love of an animal reveals a completely new facet of someone you thought you knew, and makes for a great conversation starter.

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