Tell Parents Custom Yearbook Pages Are Easy to Make and Boost Sales


In my experience, I’ve found that students love custom yearbook pages that are all about them. Seeing their personal photos and specialty pages in print can build excitement about the yearbook as a whole. This enthusiasm can help boost your yearbook sales for this year and coming years! But for many parents, the idea of creating customized pages for their student can be overwhelming. In fact, thanks to easy to use TreeRing tools, personalized pages are fast and easy to create and ensure that their child will have a one-of-a-kind yearbook they’ll always treasure. It’s worth the time to show parents how simple it is to customize a yearbook. Check out my top tips to share with parents.

A Personal Yearbook

Adding their child’s memories to the yearbook makes it even more meaningful – and that’s the perfect selling point to get parents on board. It’s easy to add personal photos and quotes with the click of a button from a laptop or a smartphone. Most parents can build out a yearbook page in five minutes with no technical or advanced computer skills required. Show parents just how easy it is to create custom yearbook pages and they’ll be more likely to sign up – that means more happy students on yearbook day!

All the Tools They Need

Uploading pictures isn’t the only thing parents can do to customize a yearbook page. They can personalize each page they design with simple and creative tools. Parents don’t have to dig around for cute fonts, memes and stickers to add to their student’s personal pages. These are all at their fingertips ready to go. They just choose the accent they want, point and click where they want to add it and, voila, a tailor-made yearbook spread just for their child. Parents love creating something special for their student and students love to see their own photos and content in print. Show off the tools so they can see how easy it is.

Affordable Yearbook Personalization

The first step is to get parents excited to get started. You can do this best by showing them some sample custom pages and explain that their students will treasure their yearbook all the more when they are designed especially for them. Make it crystal clear that they can create custom yearbook pages in minutes, but the memories will last a lifetime. Customized books will remind their child just how special their school years were. And with two custom pages included “free” with every student’s yearbook, there’s no reason for parents not to take advantage of this value-add.

Effective emails will inform parents about custom yearbook pages and include a visual so they can see exactly how wonderful these pages are. On the reminder notes you send home in student folders, include a link where parents can see pages and tools so they know how simple it is to design their own. If you have the time, why not host a short session for parents to demonstrate how to set up a custom page? And be sure to get teachers to show off custom pages to their students to spread excitement from the classroom to home. By promoting to both parents and students, you can increase visibility of this great yearbook feature.