That's Dazzling! How to Increase Yearbook Sales by Building Team Excitement

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You’re devoting countless hours to building a great yearbook, but the rest of the school probably has no idea how amazing this year’s edition will be. Why not clue them in? Finding fun and engaging ways to communicate how great this year’s book will be — and why students don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to own one — is just as big a part of being yearbook coordinator as finding a great cover page. Building excitement will help you boost yearbook sales too, which is ultimately your main goal. Getting everyone excited about this year’s book probably isn’t as easy as it sounds. Fortunately, I have some tricks of the trade that will help even the greenest yearbook director hype their publication with ease. Read on to learn more!

Using all of the resources available to you — even a random campus chalkboard — can help you promote your yearbook to the student body.
Photo Credit: Flickr user InSapphoWeTrust

Start With Your Team

Like anything else, building excitement to grow yearbook sales has to start somewhere. And that somewhere happens to be with the team you work with on a daily basis. Start using the right words with your team to get them excited enough to hype the new yearbook outside of yearbook class. The more proud they are of their work, the more likely they are to start spreading positive energy about the production throughout the school. So as you’re helping them to create the best yearbook in school history, DO:

  • Be supportive. When they’re doing good work, tell them. No matter what, hearing “good job” is the single best way to help students feel proud of what they’re creating.
  • Keep them involved. As you’re developing concepts and ideas to showcase pictures and events within your yearbook’s pages, make sure you’re fostering a collaborative spirit. The more involved your students are in the process, the more excited they’ll be about the yearbook coming out.
  • Make your excitement contagious. The more you talk about your own excitement for your publication, the more that will spread to the students. Using lots of fun and engaging adjectives will help — amazing, hilarious, brilliant, fabulous, inquisitive, and sassy are some of my own favorites to get you started.

Spread the Word

Once your team is bursting with excitement, you’ll know that it’s time to expand your reach to the whole school. Start by brainstorming fun methods of spreading the word in a way that’s really engaging. Think about where and how you can best reach the student body. For example, big posters that use bright words (and possibly a lot of glitter…) in major hallways are a traditional way to reach out to everyone in the school — and will help you to build traction. Using your TreeRing social media site to share snippets of what’s coming in the yearbook, or what you’re working on today, will generate a ton of buzz around what’s coming in this year’s book. You can also encourage the yearbook students to share these types of updates on their personal social media accounts to help expand your reach across the school.

When it comes to promoting the yearbook, remember to think outside the box. Having a special photo opportunity set up at school dances or encouraging co-curricular clubs and teams to think up unusual photo shoots can help. Simply having a yearbook presence at all major events throughout the school year will help you build awareness and excitement over time — highly preferable to doing it all over the course of a few weeks at year’s end! Growing excitement throughout the school year can have a dramatic impact on the final sales for your yearbook.

Get Collaborative

Last but not least, don’t forget to look to your yearbook team (whom you’ve already been building excitement with) to assist you in reaching students and boosting yearbook sales. Since they’re students themselves, they’ll have great ideas to contribute on best ways to reach the rest of their class. And if they’re the ones coming up with these excellent ideas, they’ll be extra excited to put them into motion. Which means you’ll be working with creative new ways to reach out to the rest of the campus, and simultaneously putting a lot of excitement and drive into your campaign!