The Coolest School Yearbook Theme Ideas on Pinterest

We found the coolest yearbook themes on Pinterest, so you don't have to.

Thomas Edison famously said that genius is “1% inspiration; 99% perspiration.” Coming up with yearbook theme ideas can feel just like that. You think and you sweat and you toss out ideas to see what sticks. As we’ve said before, there is no bad time to think about a yearbook theme, though you probably don’t want to be lying awake all night trying to figure it out. Which is why the Internet invented Pinterest.

We love Pinterest as much as the next heavy Pinner, but we know that, sometimes, there isn’t much time to click around the site to find those cool themes that’ll work for your yearbook. So we did it for you. We scoured the site to find the best yearbook theme ideas created by people all over the globe. Here they are.

The Jigsaw Theme

Yearbook Theme Ideas: Jigsaw Theme

Your school is all about people coming together to form one special, unique whole–and your theme can reflect that. Here, this jigsaw cover takes that idea and makes it literal, with a collage of images that come together. Students will love seeing how they “fit in” (pun intended).

The Personal Story Theme

Yearbook Theme Ideas: Personal Story Theme

Everyone shapes the school year in their own way. That’s what we love about this cover and theme combination. Just like everyone’s handwriting is different, so is their school year. This theme helps tell all of those stories.

The Comic Book Theme

Yearbook Theme Ideas: Comic Book Theme

Comic book movies are dominating Hollywood, and your yearbook can take use the bright and eye-catching aesthetic to highlight the everyday heroes that make up the school. This example’s “…to be continued” idea also strikes a chord with the graduating class, as they look to the future.

The Fingerprint Theme

Yearbook Theme Ideas: Fingerprint Theme

A fingerprint is made up of a thousand swirling lines, and every one is unique. Using a fingerprint theme demonstrates that every student within your school is an individual, but also part of something greater, and it can tie into the idea of encouraging students to “leave their mark.”

The Memories Theme

Yearbook Theme Ideas: Memories Theme

An old theme, with a new twist. “meme”ories gives your students a way to remember those little moments throughout the year that turned into school lore. We love the supporting text on the cover. It’s understated but adds to the design—and to the theme.

The Journey Theme

Yearbook Theme Ideas: Journey Theme

A school doesn’t run itself and the memories created aren’t done in a vacuum. Every student plays a role, and that’s what we love about this theme. It focuses on the progress everyone at the school makes throughout the year.

The School Values Theme

Yearbook Theme Ideas: School Values Theme

Sometimes, the best place to turn for inspiration is inside. Use your mascot and your school’s mission as your guiding force when you’re creating a school-specific theme. We love this theme, because it focuses on what the school values and tries to instill in its students.

The Map Theme

Yearbook Theme Ideas: Map Theme

This theme captures the present, while pointing to the future. It can present a visually captivating way to show progress, and to document a moment in time. Maps can be tied into your design; directions could be incorporated into section headers and headlines, and you can tailor it to your school’s area.

Other Fun Yearbook Theme Ideas

This list only scratches the surface. We found a ton of other great themes on Pinterest. If you want to see them, you should check out our Yearbook Themes board. They’re all there, including these:

  • Focus (great design opportunities with your photos and features)
  • Our Roots (create a strong theme focused on where we’re from)
  • Pause (asking students to take a moment to take it all in)
  • The way I see it… (allow for multiple perspectives from all students)
  • “Truth is…” (your school’s truth, your students’ truth–the real picture)
  • Be (an inspirational, and aspirational, theme that can be easily weaved through every section)
  • Within (encompassing everything that happens within your school, but also within your students)

One of these yearbook theme ideas might be exactly what you’re looking for—or it might serve as inspiration for your committee. Come up with a unique twist that makes them all your own, if you are so inclined.

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