Time is Running Out: Move Up Your Deadline to Boost Yearbook Sales


As a yearbook coordinator, you’ve likely experienced the last-minute rush to buy yearbooks right at the final deadline. And you probably know how frustrating it is to submit everything for your publication right under the wire. But did you know that there’s a simple solution for this? It’s all about driving your deadlines a little earlier than normal. I can tell you from experience that unless a deadline is staring your students in the face, they don’t realize it’s time to order their book until it’s almost too late. To help you get those orders in a little earlier, and to take a little of that last-second pressure off of your shoulders, I’ve got some great tips to help you boost yearbook sales below!

Set Your Deadlines

For some students, offering a yearbook discount for orders placed at the start of the year can be motivation enough to get their order in on time. But for most, there’s simply too much time left in the year to be focusing on ordering their book—which is why you probably haven’t seen a huge jump in yearbook sales quite yet.

The real battle will take place leading up to your “final” deadline. So if you want to get orders in sooner rather than later, you’ll want to bump this date up about two weeks from the usual deadline. Scheduling your final deadline for a few weeks prior to the day when all orders must be placed can give you a buffer for those last-minute sales. Plus, it will give you a little extra time for organizing your final production, and make it a little easier to stay on top of where your yearbook sales are at.

Promote, Promote, Promote

While you likely have posters up all over the school and notes across your social media feeds encouraging students (and parents) to get their yearbook orders in, there’s one place you’re not maximizing. It’s the one spot that every student is checking out several times a day in each class they take: the clock! And it’s totally fitting to promote your deadline—complete with a “time is running out” moniker—with a fun little poster right next to the clock. This will help keep your yearbook deadline at the forefront of students’ minds, and encourage them to get their last-minute orders in sooner.

Boost Last-Minute Yearbook Sales

As you’re creating the signage, consider how to best grab students’ attention, like bright colors and short text. And since you’re using a smaller poster—to fit next to a classroom clock—you need to hit them with quick and concise wording. Bullet points written out in different colors can work too. Of course, you should also be publicizing your order deadline in the school announcements, on your social yearbook account, and through word-of-mouth marketing. The more you can reach out to students, the more they’ll realize that time really is running out, and the more likely they’ll be to get their yearbook purchase in today!

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