Treering Plants More Than 4 Million Trees to Help Preserve Planet, Just Ahead of Earth Day

Over 4 Million Trees Planted and still growing

Yearbook company’s partnership with Trees for the Future results in land restoration and food access.

SAN MATEO, Calif. — Treering, a technology company that offers high-quality yearbooks and affordable prices, today announced that in partnership with Trees for the Future, more than 4 million trees have been planted. Treering’s mission to preserve the history of each school year can be costly for the planet, and that’s why for every yearbook sold, they have planted a tree.

Inspired by the concentric rings from the cross section of a tree, Treering’s name exemplifies the company’s mission to promote sustainability and make a positive impact on our planet. Because of the company’s environmentally-friendly focus, it’s been a proud member of the Green Business Program since 2015, along with over 2,800 other California-based companies. They are the first yearbook company to receive this certification and one of the first education technology companies.

“As an environmentally focused yearbook company, reaching this number of planted trees is a huge milestone for us,” said Kevin Zerber, CEO & co-founder at Treering. “It’s been an honor to partner with Trees for the Future as a way to bring our sustainable mission and environmental roots to life along the way. We also pride ourselves on printing on partially recycled paper and only produce the exact number of books parents buy, eliminating unnecessary waste and resources. When we reduce unused paper products, we save trees and make a more positive environmental impact.”

For more than 30 years, Trees for the Future has been planting trees around the world, planting over 210 million trees in more than 40 countries. Through a farming system called the Forest Garden Approach, Trees for the Future is teaching farmers to restore their degraded lands and lift themselves out of hunger and poverty. Each Forest Garden is home to thousands of trees and provides sustainable food and income opportunities for the farming family.

“Trees for the Future is planting more trees this year than ever before. Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic and a changing climate, support from partners like Treering makes lasting change possible,” said John Leary, executive director at Trees for the Future. “We’re grateful for the ongoing support from Treering and are excited to share this 4 million tree milestone together.”

Each tree that is planted through the partnership is planted in the name of a school, which gives the schools a lasting legacy for hundreds of years to come. Additionally, each school that purchases yearbooks through Treering is provided with a badge to put on their school website as a way to honor their environmental contribution.

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About Treering
Established in 2009, Treering is a technology company that offers high-quality yearbooks at affordable and transparent prices by updating the outdated yearbook industry to allow for inclusivity, flexibility, and sustainability. For more information about Treering, please visit:

About Trees for the Future
Trees for the Future is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit working to end hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation through agroforestry training. Trees for the Future has planted more than 210 million trees around the globe and has helped more than 200,000 people. Learn more at

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