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Treering Joins California Green Business Program

In recognition of Treering’s environmentally friendly practices, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors certified us this month as a “Green Business”. The distinction also adds Treering to the California Green Business Program, which features some 2,800 California-based companies.
Treering is the first yearbook company to receive this certification and is also one of the first education technology companies to receive this certification.
We were recognized by the Green Business Program for our three-prong approach to creating a more sustainable yearbook company, which includes:
  • Planting a tree for every yearbook sold
  • Partnering with a green-certified printer to produce our yearbooks on recycled paper
  • Recycling and composting as many materials in our office as possible

To date, Treering has planted more than 700,000 trees with its partner, Trees for the Future, and is on pace to pass the 1 million trees planted mark later this year.

The Green Business Program is a network of local programs operated by counties and cities throughout California. Together, the local programs and businesses that comprise them have saved more than 820,000 metric tons of CO2 (about the equivalent of planting 43,000 acres of urban trees a year for 10 years!) and have saved more than $30 million in energy costs.

To be certified as a Green Business, companies must demonstrate that they take action to conserve resources and prevent pollution in their facilities and operations. Credit-worthy action items consist of certain requirements for all businesses. These items are then verified through several on-site assessments.

For more information on Treering’s environmentally friendly practices, visit:

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