Treering’s Glow Up

new look for treering

Things are changing at Treering: you may have noticed the new look of the help center, blog, and website. This visual polish includes sleeker graphics, universal icons, and a more tranquil and optimistic green. Really: it’s the digital equivalent of getting our braces removed.

What hasn’t changed is who we are: your partners for a flexible, stress-free yearbook publishing experience. You are still in control of deadlines, page count, book content, yearbook quantities, editing permissions, and how your yearbooks are sorted in your shipment.

Not Just Cosmetic

Yearbook editors, advisers, and coordinators told us they wanted

  • To enter the spread designer with fewer clicks
  • More space to edit
  • Time to prepare yearbook details before selling the book
  • A way to donate books
From the upgraded dashboard, you can edit book details, track sales, initiate promotions, and monitor your progress.


Instead of a deep navigation (think: click, a new page, click, a new page, click, do your thing, save), we’ve kept chief editor controls centralized on the Dashboard. And while you’re in the editor, you can now focus 100% on layout and design.

While adding photos to a template, do you have an idea for an additional spread? With the paginal navigation up top, you can preview thumbnails of your book and navigate throughout. Using the top navigation, you can also make changes to styles, move pages, and access help articles.

Yearbook Editor

The good news is all your favorites— templates, auto layout, and alignment tools—still exist.

The better news: since the left and right menus have merged, you have more space to edit. The zoom tool is faster and smoother making precision edits easier.

Your first login will prompt you to set up your book on your terms.

More Time, More Control

Now you can begin selling yearbooks on your school’s schedule by setting the date of the sale. We had many editors ask for more time to determine their ladder, page count, and fundraiser. When you’re ready, or on our universal go-live date of October 15, 2022, you can launch the online sales platform.

We recommend taking advantage of the early yearbook sales incentives and discounts.

Book Donation

This option launched in the spring for a trial and the positive feedback made it a keeper. When editors enable this option, parents can purchase an additional book to donate to the school. Some advisers gift them to teachers, and others distribute them to students in need.

We know change can be scary. When Treering entered the yearbook space toting a print-on-demand, no contract yearbook solution, schools were wary of this too-good-to-be-true proposition. We’re glad you’re on this journey with us.

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