Use Leftover Yearbook Photos in a Monthly School Journal

As your committee starts taking all of the pictures you’ll use across your yearbook, you’re going to end up with way more images than you actually need. Since you definitely don’t want to let those extra shots go to waste, you might find yourself wondering how to use them in new and interesting ways that support the content you’ve already decided to include. While there are definitely some promotional ways you can use these yearbook photos to boost your marketing efforts, there’s also one fun concept that allows you to put these photos to use in a way that students will love: a monthly school journal! Ready to learn more? I’ll walk you through the whole concept below.

The Monthly Journal Concept

This kind of journal can be a fun, high-level way to chronicle what went on at your school throughout the year in a monthly format. Think of it as a timeline to all of the major events and happenings your students experienced over the course of each month. While you won’t build out a ton of details into each event you list, it can be a great place to share some of those surplus yearbook photos you don’t want to toss on the editing floor. Use this concept towards the beginning of your yearbook, just past the table of contents. It’s a way to showcase the deeper features that will follow in a quick way. If you simply don’t have room on the pages of your book to include the journal, then use the journal as a promotional tool with your online yearbook. At the end of each month, add a designed page snapshot that chronicles the month that passed–just be sure to also include a link to purchase the full version of the book!

Choose the Big Events

The best thing about a monthly journal is that you can personalize it to your school. Choose big events that students will remember. This works in your favor, because you likely have a lot of leftover pictures to share from major school happenings! Things like the first day of school, a visit from the fire department, sledding down a big hill at recess, the school relay day, and field trips can be awesome memories that your students love to see commemorated on the pages in your journal–and it reminds them of the timeline of the past year!

Focus on the Yearbook Photos

Where other features incorporate lots of wordy descriptions, a monthly journal does not. Focus instead on adding short captions to the yearbook photos you feature. Since this is a less formal way to commemorate the school year, you can even go with a photo collage concept–it’s completely okay if your pictures overlap! Also, don’t be afraid to decrease the size of your photos on these pages. Your goal is to use as many of your leftover images as possible. As long as you can see what’s going on within the pictures, smaller sizes are totally appropriate.

Get Creative with Your Concept

This is one type of yearbook feature where you can really put your creativity to work! Try out concepts that look similar to a real-life journal, like notebook paper backgrounds and bright colors that students might use with marker or pen on the pages of their own journals at home. Use fonts that look handwritten to make the content feel really personal. Experiment with different ideas as you go to make your content pop. Remember, while the inspiration behind this concept was to use more of those awesome yearbook photos you’ve already taken, it’s also a fantastic way to showcase more personality within your book. Plus, it’s a unique concept that parents and students are sure to love. Whether you use the journal as a purely promotional way to sell more yearbooks or as a cute concept inside of your publication, the addition of more photos and memories can be a great selling point. So have a little fun while you find the right fit–it’s a little extra work, but this is the kind of feature that can definitely pay off!