We’re Thankful for…Yearbooks

Sometimes we like to think of the yearbook as a big, metaphorical ‘Thank You’ note to the school. Thanks for the laughter. Thanks for the learning. Thanks for the memories.

We have infinite gratitude for the yearbook advisors and committee members that pour their very souls into the creation of these beloved tomes. We know about the long hours you put in agonizing over layouts and ladders. We appreciate the care that goes into creating a knockout mod or crafting the perfect headline. We understand the weight you are shouldering in working to perfectly capture the school year. We get it. And we are so thankful for that hard work and dedication.

This is a good time of year to take a break and admire just how far you’ve come on this year’s book. Take a breath and look at that amazing theme, those punderful headlines, and the stunning photos. Mesmerizing, isn’t it?

As long as we’re playing the gratitude game, we’re also going to take a moment and think of why we are thankful for yearbooks themselves.

Why We Are Thankful for the Yearbook Experience

We get to know the student body. Sometimes a school can feel like a sea of bodies in constant motion, ebbing and flowing between the classrooms. The yearbook gives you the opportunity to bring it back to a personal level. At the very least, you are matching names with faces. But more often than not, you are crafting stories and finding sources, reaching out to people you may never have approached if it weren’t for yearbook.

We get to focus on the details. Think of all the random information you’ve garnered over the past few months. Because of yearbook, you know that you can’t play field hockey left-handed. You also know that the soccer moms are very superstitious and Nirvana is getting big again.

We’re creating something that will last for decades. Students’ memories today are heavily invested in digital media. If we learned anything from MySpace or Friendster, it’s that these mediums aren’t the most dependable. A yearbook is an unwavering record of the time a student spent in school. #PrintMediaIsForever

We can take photos all the time without looking like crazies. There’s a special freedom that comes with being a yearbook photographer. You are able to weave in and out of the crowd and snap pictures without having to explain.

We learn to speak in code. (Sort of.) “Can you adjust the kerning so the pull quote doesn’t travel into the gutter?” “Is there room to expand the mod by a pica or two so we lose the orphan in the block text?” I mean. Seriously. How cool are we? (Very cool. Obviously.)

We get to try new things. You’ll attend more activities than anyone else at the school. You will get to experience the anxious exhilaration of the Spelling Bee Finals. You will be obligated to taste the goods at the bake sale. You will get to see the pure joy that comes from nailing a jump shot at the buzzer.

We dream big and find inspiration everywhere. Once you get yearbook on the brain, it’s a stubborn bug to shake. You will be finding fonts in the Chinese takeout menu and a color scheme in your grandma’s afghan. You will find inspiring images to emulate and smile with pride when you manage to pull them off.

Yearbook is a Gift

Working on the yearbook is an incomparable experience, one that we would not trade for the world. This is the perfect time of year to take a break and really consider why you are willing to sacrifice so much of your time and energy into creating the perfect yearbook for your student body.

Think of the experiences and knowledge that you cherish the most. What are you thankful for? Take this gratitude and bottle it up for a rainy day. And next time you’re banging your head against the wall as the deadlines steadily creep up from the shadows, remember that you are doing this for a reason, and there is so much to be thankful for.