Make Your Year Awesome: Why Customized Yearbooks Won't Ever Be Forgotten

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When it comes to choosing the right yearbook provider for your school, there are a lot of school yearbook companies that have probably approached you for your business. They all have great features – and it can be really hard to distinguish – beyond the price – what really sets particular yearbook companies apart. Plus, there might be a preferred vendor that your school has worked with for years, which makes switching to a new company seem a little scary. After all, the school yearbook is a big deal and something that students look forward to receiving all year long. But when it comes down to it, not all yearbooks are created equal – and we’re here to tell you the top reasons why TreeRing is a step ahead of the rest – and the best option for your school.

Yearbooks haven’t changed much in the past 15 years – but we put a modern spin on the process to save you time and money.
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Modern Yearbooks

If you look at the history of yearbooks, you might notice that the traditional books we have today are pretty much the same as they were fifteen or even twenty years ago. Sure, themes and such have changed – but the layout, recommended photos and featured sections are all nearly identical as they were in the past. With that being said, the way we look at photos has changed drastically in the past ten years with the evolution of digital cameras and social media. So shouldn’t your yearbook reflect that?

At TreeRing, we definitely think that it should. Not only do we offer you the ability to easily layout your design online, we have the option to create personalized yearbooks based on each child’s school experience. Plus, we have a unique take on how you print your yearbooks: because we use the best technology, you don’t have to send your yearbook order in to be printed until a few weeks before you’re ready to distribute. This leaves fewer yearbooks being printed as ‘extras’ and greatly reduces the financial responsibility of yearbook ordering that’s traditionally put on the school.

Easy to Use

Building a yearbook has never been easier than it is with TreeRing. Our layout software is designed to be incredibly easy to use – which makes it ideal for both administrators looking to create a beautiful yearbook and parents looking to create a customized yearbook page for their child, with just a few minutes to spare. Our simple system also allows you to easily collaborate and share your photos and ideas with friends. Whether you’re looking to incorporate a unique theme or want a layout that’s virtually done for you, we can help with that. It’s also a more affordable option for families than a traditional yearbook spread. Because we’ve invested in the right technology to make the printing process more efficient than what other school yearbook companies offer, we can turn your order around in as little as four weeks, while still saving you money because you don’t need to have extra yearbook copies printed.

Create the Best Design

Your school yearbook is one of the biggest ways students will celebrate the memories they created over the past year. But that doesn’t mean that creating a yearbook has to require all of your extra time – or a crazy price tag on the side. Using TreeRing helps you to ensure that your yearbook will look great and be affordable for the student body. Plus, you’ll love our commitment to the environment: for every yearbook you buy we plant a tree – which makes TreeRing the green choice, too!