Winners of the 2022 #TreeringMemoryMaker Parent Contest

Announcement of the winners for the 2022 yearbook parent contest

Treering Yearbooks is pleased to announce the winners of our 2022 #TreeringMemoryMaker Parent Contest. Parents at Treering Schools from across the US submitted their custom pages from the 2021-2022 school year.

First Place Winners

Elementary School: Tawanna Edwards

We loved this set of three spreads by Edwards beyond the unified look given by the font and background choices. She included photographs, artwork, and awards that captured the school year beyond the classroom.

Edwards said, “Fourth Grade has been a year of many firsts and we created our custom pages to celebrate our activities, accomplishments, and accolades.”

The English majors on the panel geeked out about her organization of her daughter’s achievements, or “A-moments.”

Winning yearbook spread with a collection of screenshots detailing a student's contribution to her community
Winning yearbook spread with photographs detailing the work that went into a bottle biography on Katherine Johnson
Winning yearbook spread showing the winning yearbook cover design

Middle School: Kirsten Megaro

Megaro wowed us with the volume of content as well as the use of the rectangles. Notice how she layered them above and below the photos for pops of color. The larger photos on the right balance the photo collage on the left.

The purpose of custom pages, according to Megaro, is “to see a wider view of our year.”

Winning yearbook spread on three siblings' best moments from the school year: friends, outdoor activities, and family time

High School: Paul Nisely

This senior tribute spread was half son, half dad. On the left-facing page, we see the highlights from Jason’s senior year: his time in the school’s bands and with his friends. On the right, we see a collection of first-day photos Paul snapped over 12 years. Melting.

Winning senior tribute yearbook spread with 12 first day of school photos from kindergarten through senior year

Each of the first-place winners will share their tips and tricks in upcoming blogs.

Second Place Winner

Leshundra Young

Another example of showing a child’s growth through the years captured our hearts with Young’s spread.

“I contacted all of her elementary teachers and had them write a message to her so that she can see what legacy she is leaving behind and the reputation that she has established as a student and as a person,” she said.

Winning yearbook spread with one photograph from each year of elementary and signatures from all the teachers

Third Place Winner

Emilee Maddox

Imagine being a published artist before finishing elementary school. That’s what Maddox did for her son who draws sports team logos, hybrid creatures, and comics based on author Dav Pilkey‘s works.

“It will be so neat when he is older to be able to look back at these pages and not only see what he was interested in, but see it not in a picture someone else took, but in a piece of artwork he created himself,” Maddox said.

We couldn’t agree more!

Winning yearbook spread featuring original art from a student

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