Words to Remember: Create a Quotation Page for Your Yearbook

Do you feel like you have enough pages featuring student life, but lacking inspiration on where to go next with your yearbook this year? Why not spend some time dedicating a few pages to your teachers?

A great idea would be to create a page of students’ favorite funny and inspirational quotes from their favorite teachers. Perhaps these are quotes that these teachers say at the beginning of every day or funny catch phrases that teachers use when running their classrooms. Whatever the quotes are, they’re a great way to capture each of your teachers’ individual personalities! Giving each teacher a special credit in the yearbook is a great way to give back and help teachers remember how much we appreciate the amazing work they do!

Use a student survey to gather quotes from your teachers that your student’s remember and send a dedicated yearbook staff member to each teacher to create a unique portrait of them in their classroom doing what they do best. When students and teachers look back at their yearbook in 10 years, they will be grateful to have these pages. All of their best memories of their teachers will be properly preserved for future enjoyment!

When you’re ready to start compiling your yearbook’s pages, be sure to request a free trial of our software and see how using TreeRing can transform and simplify the process of creating your yearbook!