The World on a Page: Putting an International Page in Your Yearbook

TreeRing- International Page

Does your school have trips abroad every year, or any international students that are a part of the student body on exchange? What about students who may have grown up abroad or students who travel abroad during vacation? Why not think of making an international page for a change of pace in this year’s yearbook

What’s more boring than only seeing photos taken on your campus and in classrooms in your yearbook? An International Page is a great way to collect photographs from students from their travels all over the world. You’ll have so much to choose from — there is no way that you will be short of content. This page will be an exciting change of pace that every student will want to take a look at. You may even be able to increase sales by doing something different!

The best part about an international page is that it includes students who might have otherwise been left out. International students sometimes find it hard to make friends, and this is a great way to weave them into the fabric of the student body. Additionally, the travels of your international students can inspire kids to want to see the world.

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