Yearbook Hero Nikki Tomlinson Cogan’s Mic Drop Yearbook

Yearbook Hero Nikki Tomlinson Cogan

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Meet Nikki, the creative force behind Eagle Rock Multiage’s final yearbook. For a school with just 58 students, the 2023 yearbook was a testament to her passion for storytelling through spreads. Now, Nikki is eager to connect with fellow elementary school yearbook advisers and share her journey of personalization and creativity through the magic of Treering. 

The closing page of Eagle Rock Multiage’s final yearbook.

Why was this the final yearbook for Eagle Rock Multiage?

Due to everything between COVID-19, enrollment changes, and personnel, it just was not in the budget to keep it going. It was part of a public school district so many students transferred to the local schools. It was a way of saying, “Look what we all did,” in a positive way without it being a formal goodbye.

Going from 20 to 104 pages is a huge jump. How did you do it?

We maximized content and added pages as needed. From the start of the school year, parents were enthusiastic about taking photos and sending them in for the yearbook. I’m blown away I busted out over 100 pages. I searched a lot for inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and even on TikTok. I’d think, “This is such a cool page!” and would look for similar out-of-the-box ideas that went beyond our standard theme.

Additional PTA funds went to a foam party, which Nikki was able to capture in the yearbook.

How did you ensure every student received a yearbook?

We secured the early 10% discount for this massive project. We also had a lot of funds raised from our school, and with it closing, we ensured everyone—including the staff—had a yearbook as a special tribute to our closing school, focusing on happy memories and the uniqueness of our community. I know that not everybody speaks up when they can’t afford one. What a true gift to have it upgraded to a hardcover and paid through the PTA.

Since you did a fall delivery, how did you handle distribution? 

We ordered late in August to make sure we got everything and had three park days to pass them out. Anyone who did not attend will receive them at their next school or via porch pick-up.

Do you have any final thoughts?

I wanted to say thank you because Treering really helped me be able to make that possible because it was just such a fun and meaningful experience.

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