March Madness: 9 Ways Yearbook Advisors Can Beat Looming Deadline Stress

Feeling fried from yearbook deadlines? Use these 9 tips to get your yolks back together.
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March Madness might be ending for basketball fans, but for yearbook advisors, the end of March can mean a whole different kind of madness as the end of the year approaches and deadlines start rolling in one after the other. You might feel like you’re going off the rails on a crazy train as the concern that there’s no way you’re going to be able to finish everything that needs to get done begins to build. But don’t panic! TreeRing can offer some ideas for beating your deadline-stress-related blues.


Clear out the clutter for a better yearbook workspace and peace of mind.
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It’s true: A mess can make us more stressed. All that clutter around your yearbook workspace can be causing you anxiety and over-stimulating your brain. It’s also probably drawing attention away from what you’re doing, killing your productivity, all the while pushing yourself up closer to your yearbook deadlines. Having to stop and dig for what we need can leave us feeling flustered and frustrated, making for a far less effective work day.


Making more lists to remind yourself of all the things that still need to be done might seem like the last thing you want to do when you’re stressed out. But finally getting to cross something off of your to do list is a pretty great feeling. And when you start to see those checks piling up, it’s even better. Make yourself a master list every week and take a few minutes to enjoy the simple pleasure of knocking each task down like a game of Whack-A-Mole. Finally decided on a great yearbook theme? Check! Nailed an awesome page layout? Check! It feels great, doesn’t it? Added bonus: since writing things down help you to better remember them, you’re far less likely to forget any of the tasks on your list.


time online

Checking emails, send a text, scan your newsfeed: How much time do you really spend online every day?
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How often do you find yourself looking down at your phone or just checking your news feed for “a minute?” If you’re anything like the rest of us, it’s probably too much. Reports show that the average person can spend as much as 100 minutes online leisurely every day. And Experian released data that says that 27 percent of our internet time is spent on social networking sites. That’s a lot of yearbook layouts you could have been working on! When time is getting tight and those yearbook clocks are ticking away, unplug yourself and get rid of the distractions.


If your deadline calendar is months old, you might find that a lot has gotten done since that can make the task a lot easier. If you have a collage to get done by the end of the week, you more than likely have all of the photos necessary for filling it in. And lucky for you, TreeRing’s drag and drop templates make it even easier to get your pages done in minutes flat!


Surveys show that a lack of sleep is a major cause of stress for a lot of people. Even though your mind is usually what is keeping you up, with a million thoughts of what you still haven’t done dancing around in there, making sure you’re getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night is crucial in getting rid of stress.


Yearbook Advisors Stretch To Get Rid Of Yearbook Deadline Stress

Taking a quick stretch break can revitalize your mind.
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We hold our stress in our back and neck muscles, and hunching over your computer all day trying to grind away at those deadlines isn’t helping matters much, either. Take a few breaks a day to get up from what you’re doing and get in some good stretches. Better yet, take a yoga class. Stretching is believed to be so popular for helping relieve stress, in fact, that AOL Networks’ senior manager Beth Superfin provides three yoga classes weekly in the basement of the AOL office buildings for employees to be able to de-stress after they clock out.


Did you know that chewing gum might actually make your brain work better? Scientists have found that the ability to recall remembered words improves 35 percent by those researched who chewed gum. So, when you feel like you’ve been staring at the same screen for the last 20 minutes or just can’t get the gears working right, pull out a stick of Wintergreen.


Reprioritize your tasks, putting the biggest tasks up front and the smaller ones in the back. We usually put the hardest things off until last, then leave ourselves with too little time to get them done. Also, you’ll find that completing your most major or least fun tasks first will boost your mood and your motivation for the rest of the day, making you far more productive when you tackle the smaller things on your list.


Ask for help throughout the school to help meet yearbook deadlines

Help with the yearbook is almost always just a classroom away.
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And for last – the most obvious and probably the most often ignored tip: asking for a hand when you need it. A little help can go a long way when you’re stretched thin and more times than not, people are glad to give it. All you have to do is ask. Most likely, your next assistant is only a classroom away.

And remember that next school year, you can start the clock off with TreeRing and kick so many of these troubles goodbye with their amazing tools to help you get your tasks checked off even more quickly, with way less stress.