Your Yearbook Committee: Use Your Yerds to Engage Others


When your year is almost over and your publication has been sent off to print, you’re always in search of unique ways to keep your yearbook committee engaged and entertained for the remainder of the school year. And that makes this the perfect time to get your yerds (yearbook nerds) together for a fun project that  also recruits students to the yearbook committee for next fall! Below, I’ll walk you through how you can create some super cute infographics or memes that speak yerd, and how to maximize them for school yearbook exposure!

Brainstorm Yerd Speak

Your first step to creating awesome memes and infographics that speak to the potential yerds on your campus is to gather inspiration. Pull your yearbook committee together to brainstorm all of your favorite yerd-isms. These are the terms and phrases that almost behave like inside jokes for your team! Some of my personal favorites, which you’ve probably heard a million times throughout the school year, include:

  • Does anybody know who this is?
  • Quick! I need a quote!
  • Turn off auto-hyphen.
  • Print it. AGAIN.
  • Can we get pizza?
  • Is your spread done yet?
  • It’s already been covered.
  • Brainstorm it!
  • You are such a YERD!
  • Crop it like it’s hot.
  • Magic square it.

Use this list as a jumping-off point . Every yearbook committee has a list of their own ways to communicate across their publication team; the more creative and personalized yours is, the more your committee will relate!

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Pull Together a Concept

As you look through all of your yerd speak ideas, think about how they’d be best implemented. Part of the fun lies in reminding your team of the funny ways they all bonded during the year. But the final goal of your piece is to communicate to your school at large why joining the yearbook committee translates to a lot of fun for students! For example, you could create a cool infographic that takes readers through each phase of the yearbook process (brainstorming, photography, content, editing) and ends with, “Join Yearbook. Learn Yerd.” or “Learn Yerd for Yourself–on the Yearbook Committee.” This helps your piece work twofold: to draw in the audience and show them what the next steps are to get involved.

You could also go with a simpler  concept in the form of a funny meme. The Yerds Unite Tumblr has some super funny, easy-to-relate-to ideas you could quickly duplicate with your team. Plus, the yerds on your yearbook committee will adore spending a class period checking out these hilarious concepts!

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Maximize Your Work, Grow Your Yearbook Committee

To get your newly created infographic or meme out to the masses, you need a strategy to multipurpose your concept. Start online by sharing it on your social media accounts and online yearbook. Encourage your yearbook committee to share your update on their own social media pages. This immediately gets your work in front of a great demographic, because the yerds on your yearbook committee have lots of friends who share their interests!

To push your infographic or meme out to your campus at large, make some posters that use the concept and plaster them across the walls of your hallways. Don’t forget to include a line that tells students how they can sign up for the yearbook committee! If you’re able to share your graphic via email, push it out to your students through this digital medium. The more ways you send your imagery out to the students, the more likely they are to check out what you have to share. And this is how you can encourage the right students to see how awesome your yearbook committee is, and apply for next year’s team!