Trending in '22: Yearbook Covers and Themes

20 new yearbook covers and yearbook themes for elementary, middle, and high shcool

Using graphic design trends such as 3D and geometric shapes, nostalgia, art deco, and paper cut out, the Treering Yearbooks design team created 22 new collections of graphics, font pairings, layouts, and backgrounds to help organize the story of your year. These yearbook covers and themes make it easy for you to create a whole book look with backgrounds, templates, and fonts.

Update for 23-24 school year:

Bold Yearbook Covers and Themes

We love the way these three yearbook covers grab your attention. The vibrant colors and bold graphics are immediately attractive because they all have roots in the familiar. According to shape psychology (yes, that’s a thing) geometric and abstract shapes are a part of the natural world, and because we see them in our daily lives, they create a level of trust we don’t get with the abstract.

If you don’t want to dive deep into that rabbit hole, and just want something pretty, try adding embossing to make the text or art pop even more. The extra tactile sensation on your yearbook cover will wow your school community.

Coordinating drag and drop layouts repeat the yearbook theme elements introduced on the cover. In addition, there are thousands of graphics and backgrounds you can mix and match.

A rule of thumb for creating your yearbook theme style guide: stick with the three-peat. Choose three repeating elements (font, color, or photo shape) and KISS.

Trending Yearbook Covers and Themes

One way to make your yearbook theme so 2023 is to apply graphic design trends from the year. Incorporating these trends as well as pop culture makes your yearbook relevant now and will make your grandkids deem it a ‘20s relic.

Vibrant Nostalgia

I’m not going to say, “I told you so.” Just seeing the Windows 95 look popping up on packages, movie posters, and social media is enough.


Yearbook cover and themes based on technology aren’t timeless, and that’s a good thing. Remember Clippy? He represents a moment in time, as does your yearbook.

It may be tempting to search movies and show titles for the headlines of every spread and to use our drag-and-drop templates to create three layers of menus as modules. If that seems overwhelming, keep it limited to the thematic pages: title page, table of contents, divider pages, and closing.


“Vibrant Nostalgia” may be today, but “ThreeD” will be tomorrow. Sorry if that sounds like a Black Eyed Peas song. Designers who are pushing this visual envelope are doing away with flat graphics, and still using recognizable shapes and even text. If your students want to do a “Dare to Dream” or “Future-Forward” yearbook theme, this cover design and accompanying theme package are for you.

Design Your Own: Even More Elementary Yearbook Cover Ideas

Creative elementary school yearbooks tie in their theme with a cover contest. Artwork from runners-up can appear on the back cover, on autograph pages, or on the title page.

What’s next for you? How about surveying your student body? If your yearbook team selects their pick for the five elementary yearbook cover and theme ideas, the student body can select their favorite.

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