Yearbook Color Palettes: 5 Schemes That Readers Love

Choosing the right colors for your yearbook design is one of the first visual decisions you’ll make for your publication. If you don’t have a lot of graphic experience, this process can feel super overwhelming! With all of the fantastic options out there, it can be hard to not only select great hues, but to match a whole palette of colors together. But today, you’re in luck! Below you’ll find five gorgeous palettes that take your yearbook design to the next level and add a modern vibe to your book as a whole.

Neutral Lovers’ Dream

When you’re looking for a fabulous neutral palette, this one is gorgeous. A modern take on traditional neutrals, this particular set of hues offers depth that you don’t usually get without adding something really bright into the mix. It would compliment a school color scheme that has yellow or green undertones.

HEX color codes, from left to right: 8D7966; A8A39D; D8C8B8; E2DDD9; F8F1E9

If your school colors don’t match well with these selections, add an extra bright hue into the mix to compliment these neutral tones, like this gorgeous emerald green!

HEX color code: 128456

Minty Fresh

This contemporary mint selection is eye catching, and perfect for print! The darker green would look delightful with your headlines, while the lighter mint color would pair nicely with your photo captions and subheadings. The almost black hue is actually a very deep shade of green, and is perfect for you smallest text’s color, because it will make your font very easy to read. I absolutely love how these hues play off of each other in a unique, yet complementary way!

color palette

HEX color codes, from left to right: 03210E; 459C65; 9CEBB9

Red, White and Blue Hues

Some of the most traditional color sets you’ll find for your yearbook include the traditional primary colors. To avoid looking too elementary, consider something with a little more edge. This palette of red, ivory and taupe offers an updated look and feel that puts a modern twist on those old classic colors to make your yearbook design shine! Because these colors can compliment nearly any school colors out there, they’ll look fabulous within your publication. For a fun edge, try inverting the text colors and use the ivory for your content, while placing the taupe or red in the background of the page. It will make your content look smashing!

color palette

HEX color codes, from left to right: C81E32; FEFDC4; 463335

Pop of Color

When you want a totally trendy pop of color to mix in with some lovely neutrals, this is the perfect palette. While the bright orange catches your eye, the pretty blues really add a supplemental, yet subtle, burst of color. The black grounds the overall scheme to give you a well-rounded color palette that looks fantastic across your entire yearbook design!

color palette

HEX color codes, from left to right: 000000; F75E11; FFFFFF; 97B8B6; CCDEDD

Totally Chromatic

When you want a palette that screams, bold colors are what you need. This chromatic blend of hues is the perfect solution. The golden yellow, orange and pink will compliment each other fabulously across your entire spread. They’re a great way to separate out different sections and build more visual interest between your features. The purple is deep enough to serve as a neutral, and would look absolutely stunning as your main text color. While it might not be an option you would have initially considered for your book, it’s one of my favorites on this list–give it a try!

color palette

HEX color codes: F29B23; D13409; B3094F; 23112A

Build the Best Yearbook Design

To create an awesome color palette on your own from the ground up, start with your boldest color choices. Once you’ve established what your brightest colors will be, you can easily match supplemental hues and neutrals using one of the apps mentioned in our earlier post. With a little ingenuity and the right technology, pairing colors doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be a lot of fun! And when you find the right mix, making your yearbook design look fabulous becomes a breeze!

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