Treering's Easy, Yet Powerful Yearbook Design Software

Mom working on yearbook custom pages with her daughter on a laptop

Making a yearbook is a lot of work, but it can be fun too. We built our yearbook software to take away as much of the hard work as possible, so you and your yearbook staff can focus on the fun stuff. No more fighting with changes in portraits or keeping track of yearbook purchases; whether it’s making your yearbook, managing your yearbook staff, or collaborating with your community, we eliminate the pain so you can focus on capturing your school’s year in a beautiful yearbook.

Manage Your Yearbook Program Like a Pro

Call it your very own mission control. Right from your dashboard, you can see who has purchased and who hasn’t. See a running total of how much money you have raised for your school throughout the year.

One mom teaching another how to upload photos while waiting in the elementary school pick up line
Even from the pickup line, you can make progress on building your yearbook.

Work from Anywhere

For the parents in your community who are on the go, they can do everything from their mobile devices. They can add photos to your community’s shared folders, design their student’s custom pages, and purchase their student’s yearbook while waiting in the pickup line.

Assign Roles and Permissions to Your Yearbook Staff

Grant some users an all-access pass to your yearbook by making them the Chief Editor, or limit their responsibilities by making them a Staff Editor or Restricted Staff Editor. Some people on your yearbook team may only need to add photos or edit text, while others need more responsibility. The choice is yours!

Your entire yearbook staff will be able to edit only those pages you have assigned them, making it clear for the editors to understand their responsibilities and easy for you to manage in one place.

Make suggestions and share ideas on each page within the book. Get notified each time you go in to edit the book if there are new notes, comments, or questions to read.

Once a page is finished, the editors of that page can mark it complete. Now you know their progress (and the big picture). Your finished pages are safe from unintended edits.

Keep Track of All Your Students

Treering’s yearbook software will automatically build an index for your yearbook. Never again worry about making sure each student gets equal coverage in the yearbook, or trying to make the index yourself.

Never again worry if a photo has been used on a previous page. Or how many times each student is in the yearbook. With Treering you can tag students in each of your photos, and easily see which photos have and have not already been used.

Easy Layout Creation

Save time and easily create your yearbook with theme-driven, drag-and-drop templates. Powerful tools and an intuitive interface give you the easiest yearbook software you’ll ever use.

Auto Layout

Organizing photos perfectly on a page can be tedious, but it shouldn’t be. With Treering, just select the photos you want on a page and our yearbook software will automatically drop them into a beautifully designed layout.

Drag out the photos you want to use, and use our sliders to choose the perfect fit. Choose from 100s of beautiful, professionally designed themes and layouts.

If InDesign is more your thing, no problem, you can upload all the designs you’d like.

Portrait Auto Flow

Point, click, grab some coffee. Yearbook portrait pages are no longer painful. Automatically arrange yearbook portraits. Customize the page layout. Make changes easily. Boom. Between 40-60% of your book is complete, and if you want to add more content to your portrait pages, you can.

Perfectly Aligned Photos in a Snap

It is nearly impossible to ensure each photo is centered and aligned on a page perfectly. We’ve made it possible by adding gridlines that don’t get printed, but make book-building a breeze. If you’d like to make it even easier, you can have all your photos snap to the grid. Oh snap! With this kind of precision, you’ll feel confident knowing your book will look perfect.


Raise Money with Recognition Ads

Set your price per size, and let our yearbook software do the rest. When parents log in to buy the book, they will be given the opportunity to purchase one or donate one. Parents get to celebrate their children, and you get to provide your school some extra money to cover the cost of new cameras, field trips, or whatever you might need.

Online Marketing and Photo-Sourcing

School community involvement in the yearbook is crucial, whether that’s making them aware of how to buy the book, help contribute photos, or participate in the annual yearbook signing party, you need your community to be involved. We’ve got you covered from yearbook sales and online purchases to digital signature capabilities.

Crowdsource Yearbook Photos

Get more photos for your yearbook by sourcing them from your parents, students, and teachers. With Treering’s yearbook software you can create shared photo folders to which your entire community can add photos.

Build your own shared folders for your yearbook staff to use for everything from retakes and doubles to sports and clubs. You can also create a private spot for just you and your yearbook editors rather than the entire community.

Upload Photos from Anywhere

We understand that all communities store school photos in different places, so we’ve made sure that our yearbook software will easily allow you to upload from anywhere. Facebook, Instagram? Yup. Google Drive, Google Photos? Got it. Or if you’ve got photos on your mobile phone or desktop, we can upload them from there too, whatever is best for you.

Yearbook Sales Made Simple

Treering doesn’t make your school commit to minimum orders meaning no financial pressure, but it’s still something you’ll want to do, so we wanted to make it easy. You can add links to your communities Facebook page. You can send emails directly to just those parents who haven’t yet purchased. On top of all this, we have a bunch of professionally designed flyers for you to use. If you’d like to have some printed, no problem, we’ll do that for free, cause fees just aren’t our thing.

Keep Your Yearbook Community Accurate

Sometimes students change schools, or a parent accidentally creates two accounts. Our yearbook software helps you keep your community organized. You can quickly merge or separate student accounts, and add or remove students throughout the year as things change.

From custom pages to adding e-signatures, Treering Yearbooks’ software allows parents to give their students a personalized, custom yearbook to tell the story of their year.

Even More to Love


Technology has changed the way students socialize. With Treering’s software, students can e-sign their friends’ yearbooks with photos and stickers which can be printed on their free custom pages just in their yearbook. 

Ensure Consistent Design Throughout the Yearbook

Set the theme, photo styles, text styles, and more in one place for your entire yearbook. Define all of it, none of it, or just some of it—whatever fits your yearbook style.


With so many professionally designed templates, it could be easy to forget where you and your yearbook staffs’ favorite ones are. Simply click the stars on the ones you like and they will all be in one spot moving forward.

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