Yearbook Fundraising: 4 Ways To Raise Money And Attention

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Money might not grow on trees, but you do have TreeRing to help absorb the extra costs. When you order your yearbooks through TreeRing, you only buy the yearbooks that have been ordered. That means no overhead and no extras left to have to try to push off the shelves. And TreeRing’s prices are extremely affordable for students and parents to pay for on their own.

But even with the affordable costs of TreeRing yearbooks, there are still plenty of reasons that yearbook committees need to raise money. There are promotional and marketing materials to pay for and yearbook committee celebrations to throw. And any extra money can also be used to provide yearbook scholarships for students and parents who might not be able to afford a yearbook on their own.

But fundraising can be an exhaustive and very overwhelming task to take on when you and your editorial staff already have very limited time and a lot to still get done. So, the question becomes how to raise money for your yearbook effectively, yet easily?

Check out our 4 yearbook fundraising tips to help get you to your goal:

1. Selling Concessions During School Events

What kid doesn’t love a good hot dog?
Image source: Flickr user Timothy Tolle

Many schools allow clubs and organizations within the school to set up concession stands at which they can sell goods during special events in order to generate income. Check out the school calendar and circle any upcoming events such as field days, winter and spring concerts, plays, talent shows, and pep rallies. Then, make a list of inexpensive concessions that you and your editorial staff can reasonably mark up to make a profit. Inexpensive concessions that you can successfully sell include:

  • Hot dogs
  • Bags of popcorn
  • Bags of chips
  • Bottles of water
  • Bottles of soda
  • Candy

2. Bake Sales

Bake sales are the same principle as selling concessions, but selling baked goods that have been homemade by the editorial staff is a great way to bring in even more revenue because you can produce a higher amount of product to sell at a cheaper overhead cost. If everyone on the staff chips in, you can have a large spread set up to sell with only a little bit of time put out at home. Baked goods that sell and are easy to make include:

3. Selling Individual Photos

You have this huge collection of photos that you’ve taken throughout the course of the school year. Some will make it into the yearbook, but most won’t. Why let them go to waste? Find a large bulletin board in the school (more than one is even better) and put up a display of sample photos (watermarked photos will work the best). Along with the photos, post flyers that let students know that if they would like to buy any of the photos to have for their own collection, individual prints are available for a fee of your choosing. Make sure to provide all contact and ordering information so that there is no confusion.

4. Throw a Yearbook Signing Party

Perhaps it’s the end of the school year and you put out more money than you brought in. Or maybe you made it through this school year but you want to get a head start on next. Throwing a yearbook signing party is a great way to address either issue.

A yearbook signing party is where students can get together in one place in order to partake in one of the most beloved traditions of yearbooks: having their friends sign them! Play music, provide refreshments, and let the students mingle!

You can either charge a small admission and hand out free concessions, or allow free admission and charge a reasonable price for concessions. This is also a great opportunity to set up another photo board in which you can display photos that didn’t make it into the yearbook that students are able to purchase individually.

What are some ways you’ve been able to raise money for your school or clubs that didn’t take too much time away from your job? Share your expertise with us in the comments below!