School Fundraising Ideas: How Yearbook Photography Can Raise Money and Excitement


As you’re looking to build an awesome yearbook template, you probably already know that working with Treering means you’ll get modern design, awesome ways for integrating content and a super quick turnaround time on your final books. We also offer some of the most affordable yearbook pricing in the industry – which means you can create a super fancy yearbook spread without costing everyone an arm and a leg in the process. But did you know that you can also turn your yearbook into an opportunity to fundraise for your school?

Throughout the school year, your goal – along with your team – is to build out some amazing photo spreads and create great content for what will eventually appear in the final publication that each of your students receives. And for a the majority of the content that ultimately shows up in your book, your team has taken a ton of awesome photos – pictures that many students would love to have outside of the yearbook for their own walls. This opens up a great opportunity to raise some money for your school! As you’re starting to mull this over a little, let me explain the two best ways to use this type of fundraising to support your yearbook.

Your yearbook team is taking tons of great photos around campus this year – why not use some of them as a fundraising opportunity for the yearbook!
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The “Throughout the School Year” Approach

Your team is probably taking a lot of photos during the school year – so many that sometimes you don’t know what to do with them all! As you’re taking pictures, consider setting up a seasonal sale, where three times a year you bring the best pictures to each of the teams, groups and classrooms you’ve photographed. Give them the option of ordering some of their own favorites at a price that you determine based on the size of the pictures you want to offer. Another option would be to sell them the digital copies of the images, meaning they could print whatever sizes of each photo they wanted – which will also cut down on some of the work for your team. When you’re looking for an easy way to raise money for this year’s book, this is a win-win way to do it!

The “Prepare for Next Year” Approach

At many schools, the yearbook coordinator takes on a publishing leadership role for several years at a time. I remember back in my high school days, the yearbook teacher had been in her role for nearly 25 years! And if you’re planning to come back as head of the yearbook for another year, it can be helpful to get an early head start on fundraising for next year’s book. You can do this best by offering students the opportunity to purchase their favorite photos from the yearbook (once it comes out) either in print or digital form over the summer. While this won’t subsidize the costs of your book this year, it can give you something to work with right away at the start of the new school year – and also add a little extra excitement for checking out all the photos that made their way into this year’s book!

Fundraising Ideas for Cost-Conscious Yearbook Teams

Because you’re getting such a great deal on your yearbooks when you work with Treering, you probably don’t find yourself really needing to think up wild and crazy fundraising ideas to subsidize the cost of your yearbooks. But even so, sharing some of those cool photos your photography team took this year can be a great way to spread some yearbook love and create a lot more excitement – if that’s possible to imagine – around your yearbook coming out. Snapping beautiful, creative photos has become a pastime for Americans of all ages. Get in on the trend to support your yearbook!

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