Yearbook Hero Janet Yieh Gives Away Yearbooks

Yearbook Hero Janet Yieh

Treering Yearbook Heroes is a monthly feature focusing on yearbook tips and tricks. 

Long-time Treering editor Janet Yieh from San Francisco, CA started gifting yearbooks when her high schooler son was in elementary school. She added a fundraiser to the cost of the yearbook so every promoting fifth-grader received a free yearbook. Now, as the Family Partnerships Coordinator at Presidio Middle School in San Francisco, CA, she ensures every eighth-grader who wants a yearbook leaves with one. 

This year you gave away 90 books. How is that possible?

In August and September, I push for early sales so parents can get the best price and I can earn free books from Treering. On September 30, I use the fundraiser to buy as many books as possible with the 10% discount. Then, in October, I do the same thing with the 5% discount.

Almost two-thirds of the graduating class purchases a full-price yearbook and I try to give away as many as possible by creating a contest. It susses out students who might not be able to afford a book and don’t want to ask for a free one.

How do you advertise?

I’m consistent with marketing: during the daily bulletin in homeroom, teachers show the tiny URL to register for the contest. In parent newsletters, there is an ad saying, “Hey, your kid could win a free book!” When parents hear about the book contest, some still purchase the book.

I also strategically reach out to teachers to see if they know any students who want to win a free book. It’s actually hard to get students to fill out the form.

What other tips do you have?

The students in the yearbook club received their books a day early. This created excitement and I sold out of the extra yearbooks I had on hand.

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