Yearbook Ideas: Honoring Student Volunteers Can Help Get Everyone Involved

Showcase the students making a difference in your community and world in the yearbook.
Photo credit: Flickr CC user AFS USA


With so much negativity in the world, why not shed some light on positive things by featuring your school’s young humanitarians in the yearbook as well as on the yearbook’s social media pages.

Many high schools make it a requirement that each student fulfill a certain number of community service hours in order to graduate. While some kids only do the bare minimum to get through, other students go above and beyond what is asked of them and make a difference in their school, community, and the world.

Students who undertake or start volunteer programs tend to have a passion and drive that isn’t always easy to spot these days. The kids who spearhead community food drives or raise money to sponsor a child in Africa, will more than likely continue to have this drive within them to help others as they mature into adulthood.

Have the yearbook team keep their ears open for students who are doing exceptional things in their free time.

Club or Group Projects

You can start off by reaching out to different school clubs to see if they have any charities they work with during the year and highlight upcoming events on the yearbook blog or Facebook page.

Make sure you highlight what the charity is about, why it’s important, and any important dates, websites, or links on your blog or Facebook post. It doesn’t help the cause much if people don’t know where to sign up.

Talk with the teachers who oversee these clubs and pick their brains to see how they organize different events, raise awareness, and get people to show up. What is their own passion project and what sparked them to get involved? You might discover there are some very interesting and heartwarming stories right among your work colleagues.

Individual Passions

You can also put a call out for students to promote their own passion projects–whether they’re raising money for a 10K that benefits breast cancer or a humanitarian trip to South America.

Social media is a powerful platform, and the yearbook team can help raise awareness for so many different causes using this forum for good. If a cause stands out as particularly compelling – let’s say it’s to raise money for a student whose in the hospital and can’t pay all their medical bills – see if there’s potential for a full-page spread in the yearbook.

Start Your Own

You can even have the yearbook staff get in on the good karma and come up with a volunteer project all their own. Does the class want to hold a writing workshop at your local middle school? Maybe the class wants to raise money together for a book drive? Who knows–you might even encourage your students to set a monetary goal and run in a charity race together. (You can even pick out yearbook themed costumes for your staff’s team.)

Giving back to your school and community in any way you can is a fun and rewarding experience. Encouraging your students to do good deeds will inspire them to inspire others, and the chain of good intentions will continue on and on.

Are students required to put in a certain number of volunteer hours at your school? Is there one big charity event your school endorses yearly? I would love to hear about it in the comment box below.