Yearbook Ideas: Add Inspiration with Advice from Alumni

alumni advice

When you’re going through the process of creating great content for your yearbook spread – or even just trying to spur some creativity with your team to come up with new, out-of-the-box yearbook ideas for content – I know exactly how frustrating it can be to feel like there’s just nothing out there that’s new and exciting to add to your book. And I’m here to tell you that sometimes, it’s not so much about reinventing the wheel. Sometimes you just have to stop yearning for more creativity and instead focus on how your content can become more inspirational for the students at your school. And this is never more important than it is during those crucial middle school years.

Middle school is a hard time for everyone – mostly because it’s just an awkward phase of life. Some kids mature faster than others, many struggle with the hormonal changes that everyone goes through during this time and bullying tends to run rampant throughout these years. I distinctly remember riding the bus home in seventh grade, when someone started making fun of me because I had a space between my two front teeth. Looking back, I know that it was dumb and that other kid was probably just insecure. But in the moment, it was totally embarrassing to go through. And these are the kinds of moments that middle schoolers live every day – but there’s something you can do to offer a little hope.

Life Gets Better

Like my own experience may have indicated, life obviously evolved and changed. After those crazy awkward years (well, let’s be honest: after high school), I started to come out of my shell and life slowly became a lot less awkward. The thing that most middle school kids don’t know – or just can’t grasp, because time seems to go on forever at that age – is that things will get better for them. They do have a future that they can work towards and look forward to that won’t be all about these awkward years. Using some space in your yearbook to showcase this – mostly, that everyone goes through this incredibly awkward time, but it doesn’t last forever – can be a great way to help them see a light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s an excellent way to put a little inspiration into this year’s publication.

High School Life and Beyond

Bringing some familiar faces from high school – or maybe even some older siblings who have already graduated – to the pages of your book can be the perfect way to bring some of this inspirational content to life. Asking them to share some before and after photos, including one that features their own awkward middle school moments, contrasted with one that showcases their life now, can put a little context behind your the inspirational message you’re trying to send. Additionally, seeing some of the faces that may have frequented the campus halls in previous years can help your current students to build a stronger connection to how life really does change for the better as you get older. And since these individuals survived and are now thriving, so can they.

Yearbook Ideas that Help Make Changes Now

Inspirational content can be a great way to show your students that this phase shall pass and there are even greater things that lie ahead for their future. But you can also use this section of your yearbook to help inspire change in some ways now. For example, using the stories as a way to also encourage students to continue following their passions can be just the support they need to stick with their dreams for their future. Or offering students the tools to prevent bullying on your campus within the stories you’re sharing can help to make your school a better place for everyone. While you definitely want to show them that the emotionality that typically accompanies middle school life certainly does diminish over the coming years, you can also use your yearbook as a tool to inspire more immediate change on your campus today. And this combination of yearbook ideas can help you to leave a great yearbook legacy for years into the future!